Immense Value @ MGMAT
August 15 | 2012

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This review is for:   Manhattan GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   New York (Manhattan), NY USA | Taught by:  Josh Braslow
The smartest decision I ever made. The bootcamp was a challenge because it was a lot of material in a tight period, but worked best for me as I invested my summer vacation into completing it, and there was a lot of work offline, but it paid off.

Going from a 500 range score to a 700 range score was exactly what I needed to supplement my profile. And as an international student it helped a lot with getting into the right mentality to play the GMAT game and not just "memorize and ace" exams as we were typically taught, but learning how the components work and the strategy to throw questions that just don't work to invest time on others was a big takeaway. The analytics were also impeccable at focusing on weaknesses and observing my own trends with time and questions to build an internal awareness of how "I" functioned in a test.
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