Manhattan GMAT: Worth the Investment
February 03 | 2013

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Improvement:  100 Points  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:   Manhattan Prep GMAT  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:   Chicago-N. LaSalle, IL USA | Taught by:  Dan Bartz
Fantastic course. Although time intensive, the preparation was great (and a good prep for actually applying to a part-time MBA program). I took the test once on my own without enough preparation and did not get the score I wanted. I took the Manhattan course and retook the test about 2 weeks after the class was over -- and my score improved by 100 points. I decided on the in-class sessions to force some discipline upon myself.

The instructor was the highlight. He was so patient in class and followed up with emails each week. The class taught so many techniques to solve both the quant and verbal sections. On the verbal section topics, I was most impressed with how the course broke down Critical Reasoning. You learned how to truly read and answer the question. For the quant, the class opened my eyes to the various ways to think about the problems. It's a well designed course with more resources than you could ever utilize; but the options ensure every student will be able to get what they need.
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