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September 24 | 2013

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This review is for:   Manhattan Prep GMAT  MGMAT Live Online | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Whitney & Joe
I was really pleased with my decision to go with Manhattan. The online course fit my need to do the course in the midst of a cross-country move and the fact that the courses are recorded made it easy to go back and watch. I did the bulk of my preparation after the course was over ;)

I was most impressed by Manhattan's offer of a free hour-long consultation after you take the exam and are not happy with your score. They are truly committed to their students' success.

The two things that would make the course even better is if they offered their individual coaching session discount to group class participants after their class was finished (not just during) and integrated the practice test and practice problem logs.

Overall though, very pleased and will continue to recommend it.
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