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August 26 | 2014

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I would highly recommend taking Optimus GMAT to prepare for the test. My experience with Optimus has been nothing but positive. I chose to take the online course with, the course provided excellent study materials, ranging from in-depth study guides/videos, an online bank of question analysis, and online generator. The quality of the instructors cannot be beaten - their enthusiastic attitude was very encouraging, and they shared useful tips and strategies that made studying much easier and also kind of fun! Overall, this was an excellent guide to getting the score you want.

I would imagine that the course is great for people who need to brush up on basic math skills and are weaker in verbal and need to learn certain tricks and tips to bring up their verbal scores. Personally, I have a fairly strong command of math principles, but struggled to apply them appropriately to questions in a 2 minute time frame. I also have very strong verbal skills. Consequently, taking a survey course (and thinking that would get me the score I wanted), was a complete waste of time. If you're very strong in math or verbal, I would highly recommend self-directed study rather than wasting your time covering topics that are already a strength for you.

The course is adaptive and recognizes your knowledge level by the amount of correct answers you give. You can build as many own customized GMAT practice tests as you wish (you can also practice only certain GMAT concepts in these practice tests), 9 full GMAT practice tests, 5000+ questions with explanations, the course gives you instructions and recommendations on how to proceed and which areas to study again. The Test generator provides you with multiple parameters to create your test with such as timed/untimed, adaptive/non-adaptive, section type, difficulty level etc. These parameters, if used intelligently, can vastly enhance your test taking skills as you will realize that taking the GMAT consists of two parts: the content awareness and the strategy of test taking. Two people with similar command over the content will score differently if their focus on strategy is different.

If you elect to study on your own, I would highly recommend the Optimus GMAT materials. The study guides are very helpful, and the online CAT tests are great (and you have 5 or 6 of them to practice on). With a strict schedule and homework each week, I liked the structure and it motivated me to take the test and stay committed to the exam. I highly recommend the course, especially the live online version.

On top of the videos and reading the manuals, I spent at 12-15 hours a week on practice questions. To get the most of the class, you need to complete practice questions and track your progress. The analytics the course offers really helped me understand the areas where I was weak, and focus my attention for my attempt.

I compared several courses before making my investment, and I am very happy of my choice in going with Optimus.
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