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Absolutely Satisfied with the Optimus Prep On-Demand Course
August 27 | 2014

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At first I was hesitant that the absence of a live instructor would make the learning process more difficult. However, I was quickly proven wrong. Optimus Prep On-Demand includes a range of different learning materials to help you through the course content via your preferred learning style. The vow factor is the adaptive nature of the course. The format of the course design and practice is almost like that of a game. You get credits for achievements such as a cup award icon for answering 25 DS or 50 SC questions, or moving to level 2 in the course. You also get constant motivation in form of live feeds of your peers who are completing certain feats in the course. If you don’t have a study group, this takes care of the loneliness that a test taker often faces in the absence of a support group.

Each lesson was clear and understandable, even though it challenged me greatly on some of the practice problems! However, the exposure to difficult questions and thinking will excel anyone's score due to the fact that the Test Makers try to trick you. The On-Demand course also had everyday laid out for me so I always knew what was next. The adaptive nature of the tests is really great and helped keep my level up. Without question, when I found myself having time I could sit down and know exactly what I needed to accomplish. For a busy person who wasn't sure if I could attend a class 4 hours away from my home, the On Demand course was the right choice for me. I will be taking the GMAT test for the first time after this course, and with all the tips and exposure I have learned so far, I am expecting big things from me!

After going through the Optimus On-Demand course, I can recommend it to anybody who has limited time and resources to prepare for the test. The course content is excellent. It is divided between Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical and Integrated as expected on real test. Each section is sub divided into major components and is complemented with skill builder sections, reviews and section quiz. Most importantly, I really admire the way Optimus instructors explains the logic behind the questions and aid with useful tips to approach the questions strategically and in timely manner. The people at Optimus have re-engineered their site such that it allows you to build as many own customized GMAT practice tests as you wish (you can also practice only certain GMAT concepts in these practice tests), 9 full GMAT practice tests, 5500 questions with explanations and the course is so intelligently designed it gives you instructions and recommendations how to proceed and which areas to study again. This helps shed light on intricacies and highlights the necessary skills for success on GMAT. After going through the Optimus On- Demand course, I can recommend it to anybody who has limited time and resources to prepare for the test. All in all, I am one satisfied client and am sure there are thousands other like me.
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