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June 10 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Ultimate Small Group Instruction | Location:   Chandigarh, India | Taught by:  Vishal Verma
I registered for the Princeton Review course in mid FEB/2010 and finished the whole course very soon as nothing new was there in the course what I didn’t knew! It was not a bit helping! (I’m not going to kind on anyone and this is really true, and it seems like the course is not designed for GMAT!) I had no other option than to join this course as this was near my city and opted for classroom course as I thought this will be helpful as classroom course will give me opportunity to interact better with tutor.

Teacher style:

No doubt that my Math instructor was helping, but he had limited knowledge of GMAT! He only knew what was there in the TPR manual and many a times he stumbled on OG questions! I was very much amazed when he said that this AD/BCE technique is not even given in OG, then I pointed out that sir you are wrong, this is given in the OG 12.

My verbal teacher was in the same boat, never showed interest in teaching, it seems as if she was doing time pass. She added nothing to my prior knowledge. When I asked queries about OG, she always said after that class or sometimes she will come back with this problem tomorrow. And that tomorrow never came. I needed the help on verbal section the most as it was my weaker section, but she couldn’t answer or guide me.
Instructors need to be trained regular and they need to be updated. Though I had opted for TPR’s one on one course, sometimes they made me to attend classes with some other students!

Quality of study material:

As I said above it seems like the course is not designed for GMAT! This is very much true. Not even a single question is nearer the real question. TPR manual, which they use for teaching is not good enough, very few problems are discussed in the manual. Those problems also non-representative of real GMAT problems! I got manual after a week as it was out of stock at that time!

Online Student Centre (OSC) which they give much emphasis has nothing to add. My OSC started after 7-8 days of joining the course!

Yes, if you are targeting for 600 on GMAT this is a course for you! If your target is higher you have to look for other options. I gave GMAT after completing TPR and scored miserably 540(Q48, V17, AWA 5). I’m not completely blaming TPR for my low score but they could have added good practice stuff for the hefty money they charge! If you need start from ZERO and wants to score up-to 600, this is course for you, otherwise look for another option.

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