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July 03 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Ultimate Small Group Instruction | Location:   Bangalore, India | Taught by:  Rohit,Merrily,Deepti
Princeton Review's course was a fantastic experience and without doubt pushed me past the 700 barrier when i wrote my GMAT.

They have excellent faculty and what puts them apart is their availability outside your normal classes, they are always ready to spend extra time with you to clear all doubts and have an excellent grasp of their respective fields.

Course Material is quite good and an added advantage of this course is that if you score 600+ on any of their mock tests you are eligible for unlimited one on one booster session before your exam date with their advanced tutors to hone your skill and make you fully prepared to crack the GMAT. They also provide a lot of help outside the syllabus with respect to preparation tips, dealing with stress , past GMAT experiences

Overall would give a lot of the credit of my 710 to princeton review

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