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July 04 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Ultimate Small Group Instruction | Location:   Bangalore, India | Taught by:  Merrily, Rohit

Like any other 5-6 year IT professional I wanted to do my MBA but little did I know that it is a war-field in itself with the first hurdle being the GMAT. Attempting to give my GMAT without the help of any tutorial I tried my hand at a mock test.

When I took the pre-GMAT mock test I scored a 430. Disappointed and worried, I realized a need for a helping hand & was desperately in the look-out for a quality GMAT prep tutorial. I then found out about Princeton Review based out of Bangalore and got myself admitted there.

I have to say that this decision of mine definitely accelerated my GMAT prep process. The trainers at the tutorial are not only well-equipped to train the students but are also very friendly and helpful. The best part of the course are their booster sessions where every deserving student gets a chance to review his or her strengths and weaknesses with a master trainer for Verbal and Quant in one-to-one sessions. These sessions are definitely a 'booster' to your prep process in its true sense.

On completing the course with Princeton and taking offline help sessions from Merrily, Rohit and Vikram I managed to score a 730 in my GMAT. Yes, this definitely seems like an achievement to me to move from 430 to 730 and the trainers at Princeton deserve a major credit in this endeavor of mine.

The top strengths of the tutorial are

1.) Their course structure
2.) Their lab and library facilities
3.) Their prep-material and practice tests
4.) Their trainers, each of whom I have interacted with are friendly, approachable and 'they know their job'

I have also been a part of their ACS services and I can vouch these are top-notch as well.

Finally, if you are a candidate who is busy with work but still wants to do well in his or her GMAT then Princeton is the place to go to!

All the best..

Have fun!
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