Princeton is the best. No doubt about it.
July 05 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Ultimate Small Group Instruction | Location:   Bangalore, India | Taught by:  Merrily, Rohit
Princeton is the best. No doubt about it. I believe a 770 score speaks for itself...

Princeton Review was perfect for me. I realize now that there is no way I could have crossed a 700 score studying by myself. My teachers were great in terms of the support which they extended to me (and still are extending to me...) and classes were fun (can't believe I'm actually saying that).

Their approach for worked like a charm and they had booster sessions to help me work on my weak areas. Another great thing about them is that they provided so much material to study from. I had a lot of support even when I was studying after I finished the course.
Being a non-native English speaker, I still managed to get a 45 on verbal and that's thanks to my teacher. I would definitely recommend Princeton Review to anyone who's looking for coaching.....

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