July 19 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Ultimate Small Group Instruction | Location:   San Diego (North), CA USA | Taught by:  NA
Princeton Review's GMAT Prep Course (Small group instruction) was super beneficial and helped me get a much higher score than when I had done self study. They teach you shortcuts, tips, and tricks that would be difficult to learn on your own. They touch on all subjects and numerous strategies for working the problems.

The instructors know their stuff, and are very open to answering questions after class. They make a lot of difficult concepts (especially math problems) easy to understand and digest.

Not only was I able to sign-up using a promotional offer, but I received 4 books; 1 written by the GMAT authors, 2 written by the Princeton review, and a course study/practice book. Plus, they give you additional online prep materials (pretty good deal for the price). It's pretty much all the materials you could possibly need to do well on the exam.
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