Veritas GMAT Pasadena w/ Ravi Sreerama
February 12 | 2013

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This review is for:   Veritas Prep  Veritas Prep Full Course | Location:   Pasadena, CA USA | Taught by:  Ravi Sreerama
Last year, I decided to take Veritas (partly because they offered more in-class time and there was a sweet deal online that was way better than Kaplan).

At any rate, I was lucky enough to have Ravi as our instructor for the course. I'm pretty sure the man memorized all the Veritas Lesson Books by heart. But he always tries to find a better way to solve a problem - either more efficiently or provide a better explanation than what the book gave. He can speak a bit fast, but I think its really because he has this memorized. Just ask him to slow down when that happens. Ravi will tell you his honest opinion if you ask him a sugar coating. He is a down-to-earth instructor but at the same time I feared him. Maybe because I would feel guilty inside if I didn't come to class prepared.

I took the Veritas held at the Marriott in Pasadena. The venue was okay. We had some a/c and blackboard issues but that was no biggie as the hotel tried their best to accommodate us. I highly recommend Veritas & Ravi as your instructor. If you happen to miss a class, you can always re-play each lesson via on demand or e-mail Ravi and he'll bring you up to speed.
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