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Veritas Prep (LA) Summer 2012
March 27 | 2013

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This review is for:   Veritas Prep Full Course | Location:   Santa Maria, CA USA | Taught by:  Ravi Sreerama
I found the Veritas course very helpful. I had been out of school for sometime, and the approach, especially to the math content, was great in refreshing, understanding and later executing the key concepts needed to do well on the exam. The organization of the course was also very helpful in providing a coherent sense of structure which is key as you advance through a lot of material.

My instructor - Ravi Sreerama - was wonderful! He kept me motivated during the entire course and really helped tailor a program for me that saw me meeting my GMAT goals over the time period I had allocated to test preparations. Most helpful of all, however, was how he unpacked the psychology of the exam for me - which is as critical to doing well - as is understanding content! His committed coaching is what made a difference.

I highly recommend Veritas Prep + Ravi Sreerama for any GMAT Preparations.

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