Veritas Prep Full Course - Travis Morgan
November 28 | 2013

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This review is for:   Veritas Prep  Veritas Prep Full Course | Location:   Los Angeles, CA USA | Taught by:  Travis Morgan
I read a lot of of reviews online about different GMAT courses and it came down to 2. Veritas and Manhattan. I decided to go with Veritas, and I am so glad I did. Travis was my instructor and the one quality I enjoyed most was his excitement and energy he brought to class. The classes were from 7-10pm so given we were all exhausted from a full work day, but he was full of energy which kept us in tune with the class.

In terms of material, he taught us all the necessary strategies to tackle any sort of problem, they were great. Practice makes perfect, so don't think that by just taking the course you would be fine to take the test. You have to study and do all the HW assignments etc..

By taking the full course you have access to alot of resources. Too much to type right now haha, but check it out online, you won't regret it.
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