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August 25 | 2014

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This review is for:   Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online | Location:   Online | Taught by:  Ravi Sreerama
I have been studying on my own for a couple months. I purchased many Gmat books from Mahattan, Princeton, Kaplan, and of course the Official Guide, but I realized that I was getting stuck and I was not seeing an improvement anymore, so I decided to do my research and I started looking for Gmat prep courses and I found Veritas to be the best for me, but before committing to Veritas, I attended free demo classes from other companies, which I found their teaching methodology a little harder to understand. This made my decision a lot easier.
I took the course with Ravi based on his reviews, in order to succeed and get the most out of the course you have to give 100%, you have to read the material before class and do your homework, (if you have the time, you might want to take advantage and take the quizzes on the veritas website) Otherwise, you will be lost and Ravi made this very clear since the beginning. He will dissect the Gmat for you but if you don’t come prepare to class, you will struggle. He engages during class, he will send you a private chat to give you feedback and soon, he will realize about your strengths and weaknesses. He will try to help you as much as he can; he is always willing to help you because he wants his students to succeed. After the course, you will have to continue to study on your own, but now it is easier because I know how to tackle hard questions. If you want to take a GMAT prep course, I highly suggest you take it with Ravi.
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