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The Economist GMAT Tutor Course 
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The God of GMAT prep
September 03 | 2014

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       By bhavyapabby joined: August 31, 2014 | 0 | 0 | non-native speaker
Improvement: N/A  |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep | Location:  Online | Taught by:  Isaac
Well, after abandoning my GMAT coaching in 2010, after 4 years I finally decided to take up the mammoth task (or so it seemed) again! And boy, was I nervous! I really did not want to attend coaching classes that use mass teaching techniques, rip you off and give you little time for personal attention.

Browsing randomly through the internet, I came upon a gold mine - The Economist GMAT Tutor.

The product has me hooked since the free trial period and I can actually see results coming out fast. Their simulation software is mind blowing and I am pretty sure they invested a lot in AI to get this level of detail.
The biggest difference from other coaching classes is in the approach that they take to teach you concepts. It is simple, easy to follow and reinforced to you through practice questions. You can always Ask a Tutor for any doubts.

I have found their approach to questions in Sets (AXA table vs Venn diagrams) far superior, their approach to RCs ridiculously easy to follow and finally a perfect record of your progress to help you monitor your advancement.

Before this course I had given an impromptu sample GMAT at Princeton without studying a damned thing and got a 570 (very average). After 5 days of free trial study, I got a 650. And a 650, only when I had covered 17% of the syllabus!

That speaks for itself!

My latest session with my instructor Isaac was also very fruitful as he guided me in the best way possible, using back end analytics to tell me where was i SPECIFICALLY good or bad, and boy was it a reinforcement!

And most of all, since I have to travel in my work a lot, I can log in from anywhere and just start solving stuff. Kudos to The Economist for making such a great prep software!
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Economist GMAT TUTOR Review-Ultimate Prep
March 05 | 2014

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       By robingeorge07 joined: July 11, 2013 | 0 | 0 | non-native speaker
Improvement: 60 Points |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep | Location:  Online |
Before joining the Economist Tutor Program I had score a low 580(Q42 and V27) after taking Classes from a pvt coaching in Bangalore which was streamed live to Delhi Classroom.
I had joined the Ultimate Prep Program and put around 100 hours into the course over a period of 3 months.
Since I am an Indian and still had a low Quant Score of 42 it was a bit disappointing for me and I knew I had to Work on both Quant as well as Verbal.
Well the Economist Course was refreshing because it gave me a point to start from instead of wasting valuable time in topics which weren't tested much on the actual GMAT. I found the verbal to be a bit difficult and thought their Quant to be very easy. But the Quant might have seemed easier because of the easy methodology followed by them for all the questions.
In verbal I had found the questions to be tricky and my accuracy was a bit low throughout the program, though I improved from time to time.
I wrote the 1st Economist Mock after completing around 60% of the course and my following 3 Economist Tutor Mock Scores were the following
Test 1 650(Q48 V33)
Test 2 650(Q49 V32)
Test 3 710(Q50 V 38)
By this point I was confident of doing well on the actual GMAT.
Since I had exhausted the original free GMAT exam tests while writing my 1st GMAT I had got myself the new GMAT paid tests.
I had got the following scores on them
GMAT 1 700(49 V35)
GMAT 2 690(Q49 V 34)
At this point 1 week before my exam my Economist Course expired..I didn't use the 1st week for free(aargh !!!) and last week I just did the OG 13 and Quant Review2nd edition and practised Quant and neglected Verbal a bit..since I didn't want to mess up my Quant again.
Suprisingly on the exam I got a 640 only (Q50V27).
My verbal didn't improve by a single point also :(.
But I was very happy with my Quant Score. I had improved from a 42 to a 50.
While attempting this time around I was aware of the current level I was at as in Quant I had started getting really tough Questions and I knew I could afford to Skip a few,while in the verbal the diffculty had gone down to a really simple level.
I was able to apply the Quant methodology used in the OG as well as the GMAT official prep tests and liked it a lot.
But in the Verbal I was finding it a bit difficult to find out the errors in SC in official questions as I found them to be a bit more straightforward in the Tutor Course.
Finally I would advise all to use the 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to solve your doubts as the time is a bit less to learn as well as apply a new topic.
With the Ultimate prep I could post unlimited Ask a TUTOR questions, for which I had got satisfactory answers.
The course did help me to improve my Score by 60 Points..but my verbal score leaves space for loads of improvement.
PS-If anyone needs any tips on how to improve Quant I would be glad to help as I could practically tell which all Questions I would get in the exam after exhaustive prep.By which all questions I mean the topics n what it would be tested on.

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Halfway Up the Summit
December 07 | 2013

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       By siddharthsid007 joined: August 9, 2013 | 20 | 15 | non-native speaker
Improvement: 70 Points |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep | Location:  Online |
Background : I have recently graduated from a reputed university and recruited in Sales & Marketing within one of the largest construction equipment businesses in the world. Got selected for the SIGM course at Stanford in the summer of 2014. Will apply to class of 2016 programs (next year)

I have been thinking about taking the GMAT for a long time now, and preparing for the last 4 months albeit not very seriously. Initially, I was skeptical about joining an online prep course but I wasn't satisfied with just working with the books. I bought the Manhattan GMAT series giving me access to their online tests where I got hammered with a 670 a month into prep. I finished the Kaplan Premier GMAT book in August which certainly helped me but I wasn't satisfied with my level of preparedness Around this time I took the first official Practice test and scored a 680, far below my target.

After a lot of research through the forums, I decided on enrolling for the Economist GMAT program. My take of the various reviews was that it was best suited for someone who could give it enough time, perfect for me since I had time on my side. Also, I was impressed by the program's availability anytime, anywhere through the net.

In spite of my rigorous work schedule I have tried to devote at least an hour a day (more on weekends) to the program, the best part about the interface is how it continually adapts to your style, for instance, I had issues in a certain math topic a while back, the program recognized my weakness and still keeps on asking question on that topic, sometimes out of the blue while you're working on a different section, this has helped me clear the concept as well as helped me concentrate better in tight situations, good positive reinforcement. Also, solving questions on the computer screen is good practice for the real thing.

I have felt myself improve over this time, both in terms of skills as well as concentration. And my practice scores have steadily improved. My second Official practice score was 740 and I still have 50% of this course to go. Just to put pressure on myself, I have registered for the GMAT exam (20th March '14). I plan on finishing the course by the mid Feb, which is when I will start giving the various practice exams, just to get in the groove.

The program also has features like Ask-A-Tutor and you can schedule live consultation sessions apart from the 5 practice exams and AWA Essay Reviews. I have deliberately saved mine since I want to finish the course before using these features. I have used the Ask-A-Tutor function for a few questions and the reply from the instructors has been quick and honest.

I have no doubt that any person who gives this course the time it needs will feel the improvement in his prep as well as concentration abilities.
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Great adaptive learning
November 19 | 2013

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       By Anonymous joined: November 19, 2013 | 0 | 0 | native speaker
Improvement: 150 Points |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
This review is for:  Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep | Location:  Online |
The adaptive learning aspective of the review was especially helpful. I learned as though I was consistantly being testing, with each question just at a level of difficultly that just pushed my limits. Accordingly, I didn't waste lots of time practicing questions that were too easy for me, a common flaw with many other prep courses/books.

Jane was my tutor and she was great. Via Skype, she was able to walk me through the problems that I most needed help with - the combination, permutation, probability, and other upper-level math questions.

Additionally, the score forecaster offered motivation and created a sense of competition against my own efforts. Overall - the course helped me remain driven towards my goal.
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