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The GMAT Pill Method gives a whole new meaning to online learning. With 5 On-Demand video topics brought to you by the creator of the GMAT Pill Method, Zeke Lee, you can learn how to think through the questions so you can take on any GMAT question with confidence. Includes 690 Minutes of OnDemand video, 154 videos and 23 RC Passages with video tutoring thought process and framework videos to help you develop an attack strategy for each type of RC question.

Fabulous Job, GMAT RC Pill (Zeke)
November 09 | 2012

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To Zeke for GMAT RC Pill !

Before I write my GMAT, I thought of writing a word to you about my RC Pill experience till now.

It had been a while that I tried the various resources, right from Live Classes of Princeton Review to Manhattan RC Guide and all of them left me frustrated till the time I discovered the GMAT RC Pill. It has given me the required improvement to 85% accuracy from 50% accuracy, helping me to boost my verbal score.

Zeke, I have always struggled to find time to study because of my earlier consulting role and now because of my newly started venture. GMAT Pill gave me the enough flexibility to wrap up the course in a short span of time and to develop the right skill sets to crack a RC passage. The framework method really works wonder and this was easy to relate to my earlier work of consulting/analysis too. Also, the way to cut off the fluff really helped me to diminish the reading time by concentrating only on the relevant stuff. Last not the least, you stand to your words of reply within the 24 hours. I have repeatedly shot 4-5 query mails on a regular basis and you have effortlessly replied to them within the stipulated time. I bring this point as I have found this not to happen with another GMAT online prep company, though they claim to do so.

Zeke, I hope that you continue with the same zeal to help us to achieve our dream GMAT score.
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