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Adam Hoff is a Principal of the Amerasia Consulting Group and the architect of the firm's renowned school-specific Strategy Memos.  His approach to admissions consulting is informed by a career spent in every possible admissions capacity.  As a former Associate Director of Admissions at his alma mater, Pepperdine University, Adam came to understand the strategic, psychological, and financial pressures that admissions officers face in building a class.  In addition to running an admissions committee, managing scholarships, and organizing recruiting efforts, Adam also reviewed over 1,000 files each year and knows exactly what applicants much accomplish when they get their five minutes to shine.  

Taking a brief break from the admissions world, Adam attended the University of Chicago Law School, where he graduated in 2007 after spending three years specializing in entrepreneurship law before taking an Associate Position with Sidley Austin, one of the 10 largest law firms in the world.  After working primarily with hedge funds and on M&A deals, Adam left the practice of the law once and for all and became the Director of Admissions Consulting for Veritas Prep, where he spent nearly three years rolling out services and ultimately coming to know every top MBA program intimately.  

After being hired to write a feature film (Adam is a member of the WGA and currently has a television pilot in development with USA Networks), Adam returned to his first love of admissions when he joined Amerasia Consulting Group.  It was there that Adam created a unique, multi-dimensional approach to consulting that drew upon all areas of his career - admissions officer, attorney, director of admissions consulting, and screenwriter - in order to produce essays that were perfectly structured and customized to the DNA of each individual program.  He has worked with over 100 clients in the past several years and, as a Principal in the business, has created seminal strategies for specific schools and essay types.


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Accepted to Booth - sincerest thanks to Adam and Amerasia
January 12 | 2015

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  Essays, Resume and Letters of Recommendation   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
A quick note about my background - I was 25 when I applied to b-schools, my undergraduate GPA was a 3.94 from Villanova, and I scored a modest 680 on the GMAT. I decided to apply to b-schools in November of 2012 and reached out to Amerasia for guidance given the short amount of time I had to submit my applications (I applied to five schools round three in the spring of 2013). It was absolutely the best decision I made in the application process. Columbia was my top choice, and Adam Hoff offered to work with me given his expertise on this program.

Adam was truly fantastic! I will never forget our first phone call. I had spoken with a few consultants at other companies before Adam, and most of them made me feel that my profile was inadequate and discouraged me from trying to apply to my programs of choice with so little time. Adam was a refreshing and inspiring breath of fresh air! He got me excited about the application process and the journey I was about to start. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the schools I was interested in and immediately shared some of his insider info (before talking about prices and contracts for his services). He focused on the positive aspects of my profile, and discussed the realities of my situation in a kind way. Our first chat was almost an hour long and he really got to know me as a person. I knew without question that I wanted Adam as my partner and champion in this process.

Adam's essay guidance was invaluable. His school-specific essay guides provided a strong starting point, and through various iterations of my essays, he helped me to present my story in a very structured and compelling way. Adam has an impeccable eye for detail and was extremely timely in his review of my drafts. Never once did I feel that Adam tried to change my voice, but rather offered grounded advice that helped me to make a much stronger connection between my background, the programs I was applying to, and my career aspirations. I thank him for helping me to bring my stories to life!

Adam also helped me to completely revamp my resume for the better, and coached me through the entire interview and decision making processes. I wasn't accepted to Columbia, but I was lucky to decide between Booth, Darden and NYU. In addition to offering his own, deep insight on each program, Adam personally connected me with MBA students that he knew at each school to help me make my decision.

Throughout the entire process I felt that Adam was my ultimate champion - his positive enthusiasm was contagious and energized me during moments of self doubt, and I doubt his professionalism and expertise can be matched. I am sincerely grateful for all that he did to help me achieve success and would recommend him and Amerasia one hundred times over!
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Worth. Every. Penny.
May 19 | 2014

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
I want to start off by saying I firmly believe that I would not have been accepted to four top 10 programs if I had not worked with Adam Hoff.

As I began this process (back in January 2013), I knew next to nothing about MBA admissions, and truly was lost as to where to even start. I was studying for the GMAT, had decided that I wanted to attend a "top 10" program (because that sounded like the right thing to do), and was pretty open to moving around, but that was where my knowledge stopped.

I am a big researcher, so I did what many people do -- I reached out to all the big admissions consulting companies. I spoke with ALL of the big players... Stacy Blackman, Admissionado, MBA Mission, Veritas Prep,, Clear Admit, MBA Exchange, you name it. This was a huge investment of time and energy, but this is not only a significant investment of money (no surprise that admissions consultants aren't cheap), but will have a lasting impact on the rest of my life. I will not speak to my experiences with each individual firm, but I will share that generally, I would speak to the founder / CEO who would provide general insights into MBA admissions, let me know my "chances" at some top programs, proceed to apply some broad stroke comparisons to my profile, let me know they would be passing me along to a consultant on their team (who I didn't get a chance to meet yet), and then would proceed to ask if I would like to sign the dotted line. This rubbed me the wrong way, and to be honest, I wasn't willing to take a leap of faith with this process so I kept looking. I will say, some of the people that I spoke with were great, but overall, I wasn't ready to commit.

This is where Amerasia came in -- I stumbled across the company in one of the message boards. They don't have as big of a presence (yet), but I was blown away from the first call. First of all, Adam didn't "pass me off", he spoke to me directly and had no intention of putting on a sales pitch just to have me work with someone else. We spent over an hour talking about his experiences, my background, and what I wanted out of this process -- quite simply, he got to know me, he asked about my biggest concerns, and I could tell he cared about my success. This was the last introductory call that I made and signed up for his complete school package the next day.

I was very, very early to the game and was pleasantly surprised that Adam was willing to help right from the beginning. We worked through my resume to get it sorted out before applications came out, he provided detailed (personalized) strategy guides for me and each of my schools, and when the time came, he set me up with members of his team to work on mock interviews (I liked that he had me meet with other people on his team for this component -- as they did not know me, it would be more representative of the "blind" interview that I would be going into). Also, I cannot stress how much I appreciated his 48 hour response commitment.

This entire process is stressful -- at least it was for me, and having someone like Adam in your corner is a tremendous asset. Admissions consultant aren't able to change your GMAT / GPA, change your job, or make you into someone you're not... they do NOT write your essays and they certainly don't have "a guy" who can get you in... BUT they are able to help put the best "you" on paper. Adam knew the right questions to ask me, to get the right stories, for the right essays, at the best schools.

His knowledge of the process, his understanding of the culture at each of the top 10-15 programs, and his insights from years of working in admissions helped make the difference for me. Thankfully, I was accepted to four premier programs and in the end, Adam was instrumental in helping me make the decision to attend Booth.

I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting into a top program, and is willing to put in the time and energy to get there. Pursuing an MBA is an expensive endeavor, but having a consultant ensures that you're putting your best foot forward. Adam was worth. every. penny.
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Full Service Package
May 12 | 2014

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
I decided to work with Adam, based on a recommendation from two trusted friends that both worked with him in the prior year and received stellar results. To be honest, I didn't take the time to thoroughly assess all of the different consulting services available, simple because I didn't feel the need after my initial consultation with Adam.

To provide some background, I had applied the year prior (2013 cycle) using another consulting service, with very mixed and unsatisfactory results. I decided to take a leap of faith and reapply for R1 2014 to my top choices - Wharton (interviewed and dinged R3 2013) and Kellogg. At this point, my morale/confidence was pretty low, but Adam was very encouraging and even offered to provide a complimentary ding analysis, which typically costs $400 with other consulting companies. I was really impressed with the extra step Adam was willing to take to see if he could provide valuable consulting services to me - this showed me that he really cared for me as a person and wasn't trying to push his services onto me. I really appreciated the extra mile he was willing to take, and instinctively, he felt like a great fit for me.

He really helped me boost my confidence during the process, and was very timely with his emails/response (48 hour turnaround time). I also loved that he was very organized, which is very important for me because I'm very OCD myself. He really took the time to tailor guides for each essay, LOR outlines and provided great outlines for resumes that really helped me tighten my essays. Adam doesn't sugar coat anything; he's brutally honest, yet very professional.

However, our communication was limited to emails after our initial consultation. I understand why Adam does this, he just wants to maintain clear communication and leave very little room for any mishaps. I'll admit, this was very anxiety inducing at certain periods of the process, especially during such arduous process - but what I learned was to be patient and just trust the process. Luckily, I was able to reuse a majority of the material I had last year. We just needed to tighten up the points, create more focus and hit a home run with each of the schools I was applying to. I can't say what it would have been like, had I started from scratch. Regardless, Adam is reliable and a great resource to turn to when I had any admissions related questions.

Results: Unfortunately, I got dinged from Wharton without an interview (I still wonder why until this day sometimes, but Wharton was going through a lot of change this years)... but I got accepted in the MMM program at Kellogg with some scholarship.

Thanks for your help Adam!
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Highly Recommend
December 30 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
I worked with Adam for 5 top-10 schools. As an international applicant (one of the largest pool), I'm looking for a big career switch.

School selection (this part is the main reason I chose Adam over than consultants):

I had a lot of consultation sessions, but ONLY Adam thought the situation in my shoes. My list includes 12 top schools at the beginning. Adam helped me analyze each of them, including my chance, each program's pros and cons. Especially, he crossed out some schools that the job placement for international students are not desirable, although I thought they were strong in my target career field!

When I did the consultation sessions with other consultants, they all recommended me to apply top 20 (someone even recommended me to apply top 30) schools. I think the knowledge that Adam possesses about each school allows him to be confident and assist me to get in a top 10 program.

Resume and essay edit

The most valuable part of the service. Adam sent me a lot reading materials related to my short-term and long-term career goals, which I was overwhelmed at the beginning. But it turned out that these homework worked perfectly in my later essay writings. These materials brought me deeper knowledge about my target industry and function, as well as indicated the skills I may already have or I need to develop/improve during the MBA program. The two areas Adam focused on my essays were wording (since my native language is not English) and structure.

Turnaround Time and Price

The turnaround was usually 2 to 3 days for essays (I think this is FAST considering the quality of his feedback), and within 24 hours for general questions. The price is reasonable and considering the quality, especially the result, I couldn't expect cheaper.

I finally got 3 interviews, in one of the top 5 programs and another top 10 program. I am satisfied with the result!

At the end, I want to say that consulting service is not magic. You can't expect consultants could turn a rock into a gold. However, a excellent consultant, such as Adam, could fully support you, and work with him, you will leave no regret to yourself.
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Amerasia all the way!
September 15 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
Why I chose Amerasia:
Amerasia was the only admissions consultant who I came across who really seemed to know non-US business schools as well as US-based ones. Their guide to a European school that I applied to was extremely helpful. Unlike guides that I saw on other admissions consultants’ websites, it had a lot more information than just the facts about the programme (which anyone can find on a school’s website anyway). Adam (who also wrote the guide) was extremely helpful from the get-go and he really seemed to understand the nuances of the school and what would resonate with their admissions committee.

What was great about working with Adam:
School specifics aside, a few things set Adam apart for me. Unlike with another admissions consultants who I had worked with previously, with Adam the brainstorming process was more targeted and strategic as it focused on what was relevant to the school rather than cataloguing everything that had ever happened to me from the day I arrived on the planet! His approach focused on helping me put my best foot forward, and he had amazing advice for tackling the weaker aspects of my profile. Also, I found that some consultants are so paranoid about your stories being your stories that while they will offer endless edits to help you tell your story more eloquently, they don't guide you on which are the best stories to tell. Adam nailed it all. My stories were my stories, but he also helped me to look at things from a different perspective to uncover angles that I hadn’t considered before, and he helped me tell my story in an impactful way that was aligned with the programme.

Added bonus:
I got to do a practice interview with someone who is an alumnus from the school I applied to, which was a great source of added insights into the unique aspects of the school and gave me a lot of little nuggets that I got to drop into my two interviews.

Overall, I received outstanding guidance throughout the application process. If you're unsure of which consultant to work with, I highly recommend connecting with Amerasia!
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Strong recommend for Adam Hoff - Got in my dream school
June 19 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff

I’m posting under a new id to keep my real identity under wraps and will work with the moderator to verify my information.

This post will be lengthy since I know when I started this journey, I wanted lots and lots of details and liked the lengthy posts.

I work as an IT consultant and thought I had a pretty good work experience and personal life story. However, I have an average GMAT score and I didn’t climb Everest during a stop-over to my summer hobby of saving starving children in Africa. In other words, didn’t think I had a special story to tell to get me into a top ten school.

However, after doing my own research and attending info sessions, I felt encouraged enough to go all out and give it a good fight. As a result, I was armed with tons of questions when I interviewed the admin consultants. Amerasia was the last on my list to call, and I almost didn’t do it since I had felt so strongly about my previous meeting with another company. Adam’s incisive questions and perspective on my goals were so unique that I knew I wanted more of such insights for the rest of my application process. What I also really appreciated was his low key attitude in not pushing for a sale, and he would’ve been fine if I took his ideas and went off with another consultant. He recognized that it’s just not about ideas, but about finding a person who matches your personality to work with you in the weeks/months ahead on the application.

Working Style:

Adam’s primary mode of interaction with me was via email, so you have to be comfortable about the idea that you will not be having regular phone meetings. However, he was always willing to take a call if I needed it. In some ways, the emails work much better as I have them as notes to refer back on.

Adam always kept to the schedule we agreed upon, but his laid-back demeanor helped me keep a cool head as I was debating various issues (strategy on retaking GMAT, which story to tell for my essays, etc) while facing pressure of deadlines.

Also, I had a ton of questions throughout the process, but Adam was always patient and thorough in answering them. Sometimes even re-answering as I would say, “I know we already talked about this but now I have a different angle, would you still think…”

All in all, I felt I received the support I needed and was actively cheered on throughout the process.


During my initial conversations with Adam, we discussed my three target school in terms of both fit for my goals and what are my realistic chances. His insights were valuable to me in that he knew the school cultures so that he confirmed that I made good choices for schools that can help me achieve my goals. Also, Adam helped me navigate through my perceived pros and cons for the schools in the lucky event that I got multiple acceptances.

Regarding chances for an admit, Adam was always upfront and never gave me false promises (besides, I wouldn’t have believed him!). Given that Adam has worked with many candidates, it’s great to hear what I thought was a mundane background was actually unique. I don’t think Adam was giving me BS either since we were pretty candid about GMAT score or other areas that can be dinged.

Resume: This was an added bonus for me since I thought I had a strong resume, but Adam’s critique really brought it up another notch.

Interview: Adam brought in an outside expert to run the prep interview with me which really helped shake out some nerves as well as get another perspective on how I tell my story. A mock interview with Adam would not have been the same since I had a comfortable relationship with him by then, and having to talk to a total stranger was closer to the real deal.


Working with Adam on the essays was great since it’s been a long time since I had written something for school, and didn’t realize how much business jargon and banalities crept into my writing. Since Adam was knowledgeable about the school culture of the programs I was interested in, he was also able to help me tailor the side of my personality and goals that would best appeal to each school. I still was being true to myself, but Adam helped me put my best foot forward.

While working on the essays, Adam typically responds within the day for questions, and within a few days for essay edits. I always got responses earlier than what I expected when I was facing deadlines and tried to crunch in more changes. In fact, Adam dug changes out of me even when I started getting sick of writing essays (doing several of them in a row will really get to you after a while!!). He also helped me turnover ideas when I was stuck… one method we used is for me to send key points for the essay so I won’t waste time writing the whole thing and have to do major revisions.

When I look back at what I started with, and then compare the drafts with the final versions, I’m amazed at the difference!


Got in two Top 5 schools and dinged in a Top 3 school (GMAT was the culprit, but I believe Adam’s help gave me a fighting chance).

In summary, only you can decide whether to work with an admin consultant and who to go with. You have to be honest with yourself about your chances and then do your homework in asking all the right questions during the free consultation. For me, it was a good experience in more ways than one, and I’m glad I went with Adam and Amerasia. I may question at what my outcome would’ve been had I done it alone, but I don’t question that having Adam there made the journey much easier in dealing with the stress and uncertainty, and the experience more enriching in terms of insights about myself and my goals.

One final thought: I knew I had decent chances, but I wanted to improve the odds in my favor. Besides, last thing I wanted to do was to look back and regret that I didn’t do everything possible to make my dream come true.

Best wishes with your application!
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Got into a reach school through Amerasia!
April 02 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
Adam's insider expertise on the MBA admissions and application process was invaluable and timely. Out of all the admission advisory companies out there, I ultimately decided to go with Amerasia and Adam because he made me feel the most comfortable. Never did I once feel forced or pressured into signing up for his services. At the same time, he was helpful and realistic with what he could help me with. Our initial consultation forced me to rethink my strategy (I had a sub 650 GMAT score), and he advised me to retake the test, and thank goodness I did. Lets just say I retook the test and received a score between 650-700.

Adam's strength is in the brainstorming process, where he'll help you draw upon your experiences and background to craft the most compelling and cohesive stories. Without Adam's help, my essays would not have flowed as seamlessly and presented me as holistically as they did.

I appreciate Adam for his insightful feedback from the very beginning to the very end, he was positive, professional and knowledgeable about how best to assist me. More than anything, he was patient with fielding my million questions and he always made an effort to turnaround my questions and essays in a timely manner. His feedback was spot-on, and he even helped me prepare and gave me the confidence I needed to go into my interviews and perform well.

What I appreciated most about Adam is his customized, catered and personal approach. When you're working with Adam, you'll certainly feel taken care of, as opposed to the one-size fits all approach of many of the larger companies out there.

In the end, I was accepted into a top-5 program, Northwestern-Kellogg with a sub-700 GMAT score!

I had an excellent experience working with Adam and would certainly recommend him without reservations.
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Helped Me to Design a Compelling Story From My Experiences Through Honest, Objective Feedback
December 21 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
Adam Hoff is the honest, objective, critical thinker that I needed to aid me in the application process. You probably need him, too.


1. Without Adam, I would have made the mistake of relying on people who are a) to close to me and already know my story or b) admissions consultants who, in trying to help their candidate, become too close to the applicant and their story.

In both cases, the adviser cannot evaluate the application objectively; they are drawing from the picture that they have constructed over hours of phone calls or years of working with you, not just what is on the paper. There is an inverse relationship between familiarity and objectivity, and that’s a big problem when admissions can only go off of what’s on paper.

I commend Adam for keeping such rigorous protocol on objective editing and application support. I feel that is rare and overlooked.

2. Without Adam, it could easily have taken me double the amount of time it did to complete my three applications. This is coming from a person who once believed the essays would be the “easy” part.

However, I quickly realized how difficult it can be to select the right story, select the right tone, and organize the essay in a way that makes sense. Balancing passion with objective business skills, for example, was just one challenge that Adam quickly advised me on. I found myself committing the same mistakes from essay to essay, actually. Adam was critical in helping me find the right approach.

3. Without Adam, I probably would have been a lot more stressed (and I like to remain pretty laid back). The application process is stressful enough as it is, so it really is helpful to feel as though you have a partner in the process that has been there, done that, and knows the application process cold. He is excellent at synthesizing information and capturing the most important points of stories that I couldn’t seem to break into compelling sound bites.

4. Without Adam, I would not have had the opportunity to have a mock interview with a well-qualified third-party who, for the sake of objectivity was completely unfamiliar with my story, and gave insightful, critical, and honest feedback. I felt extremely confident and comfortable for my first, real B-school interview.

Additional: Of course, Amerasia has a mastery of the "basic must-haves:" editing, proof-reading, school-specific guidance, etc.


Amerasia is not the cheapest complete school admissions consulting package on the market. The program is not "cheap" when compared to some of the lowest priced consultants, but the value and ROI is well worth it. I spoke with admissions consultants from three different companies before deciding on Amerasia. It did not make sense for me to pay half the cost for what I perceived as half the service and someone reading from a Sales script. While not everyone can get admitted, if you do, the price is obviously well worth it. I don't see the MBA application process as a time to leave anything on the table.


Adam believed in my candidacy, understood my relatively non-traditional, non-linear path relatively quickly, and provided me with assistance that was invaluable.

From my experience, you can't go wrong with Adam.
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Why I recommend Amerasia and Adam Hoff
November 25 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
As I'm writing this review on the last days before I start my MBA at the business school of my dreams, I can't help but smile when I remember all the steps that brought me here. When I talked to Adam for the first time, I had just finished my first GMAT, I didn't have the grade I had hoped for and was starting to lower my expectations on my list of programs. "Maybe", "I guess you can try" were some of the answers I got from other admissions consultants I talked to.

But with Adam it was different. First of all, on our first free consultation he had clearly done his homework. He knew my CV, and he knew A LOT about the school, its values and its admissions process. That impressed me right from the start. Then he started telling me these great ideas of how we could highlight the strong points on my story and how to transform the weaker points (and I had quite a few) into a good story. And at the end of the consultation he said something that resulted in my final decision, and that was in my mind through the whole admissions process: "Claudia your profile is stronger that you think".

It's not that Adam didn't have a realistic view of what my odds were, what I felt from this statement was that Adam strongly believed that with my story I was a great fit for this school. After that, I improved my GMAT and we started working on the application.
Working on the essays with Adam was great. With his help, I was able to make my voice heard and to create a compelling story about me and future goals. I am very proud of my essays in general, and there is one in particular that I feel describes me perfectly.
In terms of working method, I chose to work on all the essays at the same time, if I focused on only one essay I would get stuck. Also, I ask a lot of questions. All the time. So for every comment Adam made on my essays, I would ask another question. And Adam was the most patient person in the world, answering everything, explaining how we could improve things, how the admissions office would look at each of the options.

When I was selected to the interview stage of the process, Adam arranged a mock interview with another consultant. I was very, very nervous during the mock interview, but her insights were really helpful, we worked on my weaker answers, we developed better ways to say what I wanted to say and going to the real interviews all my nerves were gone. I connected with the interviewers, I was relaxed and I said everything that needed to be said.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a consultant who is willing to go the extra mile for you, talk to Amerasia. You can talk to other consultants too, but if in the end you gut feeling tells you that Amerasia is the right choice, go with it. I did, and right now I'm packing and getting ready to start my MBA at the school of my dreams.
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Review for Adam of Amerasia
August 10 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  Complete School Package   Consultant:  Adam Hoff
This is a review for Adam from Amerasia. I consulted with Adam for a complete package for one school, and then worked with him ad-hoc on some essays for other schools.

From the beginning Adam was very knowledgeable about the culture of each school. During the consultation, he gave me tips and insight into schools that I had not known or considered. I also consulted with 5 or so other admissions consulting companies but Amerasia was the most personal experience. Other companies made me feel badly about my qualifications, while Adam addressed my candidacy with more finesse and kindness. He had a more diplomatic and positive attitude.

Adam was incredibly useful in helping me put together my essays and resume for the one school. He not only edited the essays but helped with the content, idea creation, and helped me when I was stuck with the basic problem of what my long-term goals should be. When helping me craft my essays, when I was stuck on a particular question, Adam provided examples that he drafted from scratch that helped me to address the questions. This showed me how much effort and time he was putting in towards helping me achieve the very best essays.

Adam had such a pleasant disposition. He completely motivated me and helped me to get into the zone to attack the applications & essays. He was great to talk to...he simply just had style. I was admitted into one of my top two choices.

I whole-heartedly endorse Adam from Amerasia as the best MBA admissions consultant around.
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