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Company: Veritas Prep
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GMAT Course Review
Great Course, No Complaints
March 28 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Ann Arbor, USA
Consultant: Alan Orrick

I got pretty lucky as there was only 4 kids in my class, although I do know that Veritas likes to keep the classes small.

The teacher and class were great, no complaints. The teacher not only offered but was excited to stay late every class if any of the kids wanted to get some extra help or ask him questions. Was also very prompt in returning emails.

The books still have some errors in them and even though Veritas gives you an errata section that has all the corrections it is still annoying to have to check in multiple places if not only you have the correct answer, but the book has the correct answer, too.

The Veritas online interface is great and really easy to use, though. I love how I have the option to bring a book with me and do practice problems on paper or online. They also offer 9 practice GMAT tests which is something I really liked as well.

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