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     By deeptideepti 0 0
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Consultant: Amy (SBC)

Amy helped me with my essays and interviews to get into one of my dream schools. Given my less than stellar undergraduate GPA,and an average GMAT score, Amy helped me position myself by highlighting my work and life experiences in the essays to stand out. The one trait that makes Amy a really good consultant is that she is takes the time to really understand your goals and personality which she then uses to bring out and highlight as selling points in your essays.

I was also applying in round three and was on a time crunch. Her services really helped me not worry about compromising on the quality of my application.

Thx Amy for helping me secure admission to one of the top 10 Part-Time programs.

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     By wwwufoliving 4 1
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I decided to work with SBC for two reasons at the very beginning: responsiveness and Amy has unique insights and knowledge about the schools I was going to apply to. Soon, Amy had me realize my stories had so much potential to better express who I am and what I value in my leadership style. Besides, Amy meticulously reviewed all my application materials and corrected numerous typos I had made. During my interview preparations session, Amy gave some constructive suggestions in terms of how to introduce myself without bending AO's ear and how to effectively answer behavioral questions. In the end, my decision of working with SBC paid off. I received $70k in the form of fellowship from a M7 school. I am grateful to Amy and would recommend anyone who is looking for advises about MBA application.

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Yes - school of my dreams

When I started applying for business school, I knew I had to get a consultant. After all, I'm not an all-star applicant like many of the people here on the forum. I had a below 3.0 GPA and a GMAT score below the average of my dream school, Marshall. I tried many of the "free trials" offered by consultant companies and I found SBC to be really honest and genuine with me and I went with it. I was assigned to Amy Bergrud, and my long, but rewarding journey began. Amy worked tirelessly with me to help improve my profile, and review my essays. The best thing about her is you can know 100% sure that she will answer your questions within 24hrs. We discussed extracurricular activities, classes, volunteers..etc to help me stand a better chance. Even after I was waitlisted, she continued to help me put together supplements. The whole process took a year, but in the end I was admitted! I'm super excited to attend my dream school and to pursue my ambitious career goals. I wouldn't have made it without Amy.

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