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September 16 | 2016
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After getting an abysmal score on my first GMAT CAT, I realized i would need a more structured program that forced me to sit down and actually get into a routine. Ceilidh Erickson was an AMAZING instructor. She helped us understand that the GMAT is not just a test, but rather a game of logic and time management. She had incredible time saving techniques and proved their applicability with real GMAT problems.

While the 9 sessions may not be enough for some people (like me), I think the biggest benefit is that it forces you to get into a routine. Working and studying is not the easiest combination, so getting into a routine and making studying when you get home almost an addiction is how you're going to improve and ultimately hit your target score. After the 9 sessions and countless hours of applying all of what Ceilidh taught me, I finally cracked 700+ and hit my target score (which was a full 130 points above my first diagnostic CAT exam).

Only con: expensive

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