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Aringo - true professionals
June 03 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
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The admission process is definitely one of the most exhausting experiences I have ever undergone. It entails an enormous amount of work - from choosing the right schools, through composing essays that are beautifully written yet modest and above all unique, to paying maximum attention to every word and comma.

If someone would have said to me a year ago that in the end I would get to choose between my two top schools, it is very doubtful I would have believed them….I was accepted to INSEAD and Tuck.

The professionalism of Aringo’s consultants and their familiarity with the process and the different requirements are more valuable than gold for someone whose goal is acceptance. There was no question to which I did not receive a detailed answer and with every worry (and there was not a shortage of these...), all the relevant considerations were detailed for me and I was left fully assured.
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