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December 03 | 2012
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I was very impressed with the entire process. To begin, Veritas was thorough in identifying the best consultant for me. Dave spent the time to teach me the Veritas process for crafting the application essays and was a great critique of structure and content.

I also had great interactions with the school-specific consultant as well. I had one of my school-specific consultants that I felt didn’t provide much unique insight and when I expressed my disappointment I was quickly matched up with a new contact with whom I had a great experience. It was impressive how quickly a minor issue I had was adequately fixed.

I believe the best qualities of the Veritas experience for me were the punctuality of responses/feedback and the passion all of the consultants had for the application process. I could not be more appreciative of all of the help Dave and the rest of the Veritas staff provided while guiding me through the application process. They truly helped with everything.

Dave/staff walked me through the schools that were best suited for my goals, perfecting the essays, and preparing for the interviews. In the end, yes it is a steep price to pay, but it is rather insignificant in the grand total of the MBA costs.

As for my results: I applied to four of the top six rated MBA programs. I received interviews at three of the schools. I have already been accepted to one school and find out about the other two in the coming weeks. I had a 710 GMAT and a strong undergraduate GPA in engineering, but feel Veritas helped put me over the top. I strongly recommend Veritas consulting.

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