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Eliza Duenow is from Chicago and holds an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a BA in International Studies and Comparative Religion from Trinity University (both cum laude). She has done admission consulting for over ten years in the US and maintained a focus on assisting applicants to top MBA, PhD and MA programs abroad.

Eliza’s professional experience has focused on academic and business writing and editing for publications, in addition to corporate fundraising, marketing writing, and PR for various social service non-profits and businesses in the US. Her area of expertise is developing ‘persuasive’ narratives that market organizations, ideas, and individuals through the power of words.

Eliza also has a business management background, serving as a Director of Chicago’s longest standing arts/cultural organization for over five years. Eliza co-led a $5.1M capital campaign and managed strategic planning and annual project budgets over $.5M. She supervised a staff of 35, overseeing dozens of initiatives, both income-earning and subsidized. Eliza managed fundraising in corporate and government arenas, as well as headed partnerships with individuals from the fields of education, finance and law. She maintained sole responsibility for grant writing and crafting PR materials. Eliza has also presented lectures and led workshops on creative approaches to writing at national and local conferences.

At Aringo, Eliza has excelled at custom crafting clients’ writing in original narrative approaches that highlight clients’ impressive professionalism and unique personalities. Eliza helps clients dig deeper to develop their own authentic voices, captivating personal stories and, in essence, “winning” essays that stand out within competition-heavy audiences of admission committees.

"I find the most rewarding aspects of editing to lie both in deeply engaging with new subjects, as well as creatively crafting the most outstanding details into a compelling narrative." 

Interesting facts: Outside of her freelance editing work for university applicants, local businesses and academic publications, Eliza also teaches yoga and maintains personal practices of essay writing, photography, and dance. 

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Yes - school of my dreams

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Consultant: Eliza Duenow

After almost a year of hard work I have succeeded and been accepted to Wharton, and I will note that this was in the second round.

Aringo and my consultants walked me through this long challenging process (from choosing the desired MBA programs, helping me find my creativeness and express it in the best way possible to making it to the deadlines with excellent polished documents) with a lot of patience, serious professionalism and great attitude.

I am sure that our work together made all the difference in how my writing turned out and I know that your efforts in managing all the editing and application details made the final results possible. I would fully recommend your services to anyone facing this task of getting into the top schools.

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