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GMAT Course Review
A+++ July 13 | 2013
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Jiehae is incredibly sweet, patient, smart, and effective. As soon as you meet her you will be excited to work with her and excited to study for the test. I highly recommend her to anyone. She completely tailors the sessions to where you need the most help, and was able to offer very insightful perspective on why I was making the mistakes where I was - for example, in doing math problems, I had a habit of using one equation, and then going across my scratch paper horizontally to make the next calculation. She asked me to try moving vertically to write the next equation rather than horizontally, and this made a drastic improvement to my efficiency. Not something I ever would have noticed or been aware of! That is just one example of many where she made a huge difference. Ultimately, I was admitted to HBS.

Thank you Jiehae for everything!

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GMAT Course Review
Thank you Manhattan GMAT! July 11 | 2013
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I don't have a business background and haven't done math since high school, but Manhattan GMAT made all the difference for me. I went from a 590 on my first practice test to a 760 on test day.

My instructor JP was fantastic--engaging and adaptable to the needs in the room. Also, because a number of students didn't show up after the first couple of sessions, the class was much smaller and the prep much more personalized than I had expected. I appreciated that while we worked on test taking tips and timing, the real focus was on the content--where I most needed help.

The online test prep materials are amazing. Once the course finished and I had a month left to work on my weak points by myself, I relied almost entirely on the OG Archer and previous practice tests to target my review.

I would say that Manhattan GMAT provides a course that really requires you to spend a lot of time outside class to get out of it what you want--the course time alone isn't enough and you have to be prepared to make that time commitment.

Thanks again JP!

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GMAT Course Review
MGMAT Review September 01 | 2012
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Hi eveyrone,

I recently used Manhattan GMAT and had a great experience. The company's material is very applicable to the test, and the OG Archer is a great way to identify area where you need to improve.

My instructor, Jihae, was very good. She was engaging and did a great job connecting with the students despite the class starting after a full work day.

The most valuable asset, for me at least, was the FREE MGMAT post exam assessment. My test scores were as follows:

MGMAT Diag: 630

MGMAT 1: 730

MGMAT 2: 670

MGMAT 3: 690

MGMAT 4: 680

MBA.com 1: 720

MBA.com 2: 730

My goal was a 700, but I scored only a 620 when I took the test in July. After the test, I used Manhattan GMAT's post exam assessment. I spoke to Eric, and, after reviewing my file, he identified areas he felt I should focus and pointed out that I may have burnt myself out or that I perhaps rushed through problems on test day.

After speaking with Eric, I took a week off, relaxed and refocused for my exam in three weeks.

I scored a 710 (47Q, 40V) and am pleased with my performace.

Thank you Manhattan GMAT!


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