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Great Consulting Service
September 14 | 2014

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I am an Asian male in banking with a solid four years of banking experience at a MNC. Immediately after taking the GMAT, I moved on to the next phase without any delay. I believed I had the background and now the GMAT score for the schools I was targeting and I strongly felt I had a good shot at landing one of the big ones. But my workload was way too much for me to focus on the other things, and I knew I would push the admissions essays to the last minute. I knew the program I wanted to get into, and I wanted to do everything that I could do to make that happen. The idea was to give it all or not do it at all.

Everyone has his own weaknesses, and mine was putting thoughts strongly, on paper and painting a word picture. My GMAT score and work experience were good, so I knew I was good, but the competition in top B schools is brutal, and I had no delusion about that. I knew I would have a tough time convincing the schools that I would be the one to save the world if I were admitted to their program.

A friend of mine, who had taken assistance from Optimus Prep told me about his great experience with the company a few months earlier. I decided to take his advice and join Optimus for my essays. This was perhaps the best decision I made since I chose to attend a MBA program.

The feedback I received was not just that the essays were lacking, but a detailed analysis and feedback about the story. They were not trying to make me feel good, and I realized that. What mattered was results. If it was too cheesy, they would say so. If I was trying to be polite and not beat my own drum where it really mattered, they would say so. Not only that, they exactly, and in details, told me what I needed to do with it to take it to the next step. Adcoms read hundreds if not thousands of self-praising applications - only if you show them how this self-praise is warranted does your application stand out.

I recommend the promptness of responses/feedback and the passion all of the consultants had for the application process. Since they, themselves, usually graduated from top Business Schools, they not only assisted during the admission process but also gave suggestions as to individual specifications of the respective programs. I could not be more appreciative of all of the help the Optimus Prep staff provided while guiding me through the application process. They truly helped with everything. Though cost was not my decision criterion, it did help that Optimus Prep charges a fraction of what other admission consultants charge, and per my experience with them, really worth it. As I have not worked with any other consultant, I really can't compare. All I can say is that I've had a wonderful experience with Optimus Prep.
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Veritas Prep A+
January 07 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  Veritas Prep Hourly Packages   Consultant:  Janelle James
Working with Veritas was the single best decision I made during the MBA application process. Veritas was able to efficiently screen my candidacy to place me with the perfect consultant (Janelle), and our working sessions were incredibly productive from the first meeting onward. Janelle had a strong background in my industry and quickly helped me focus my story and craft my application materials.

I genuinely believe I would not have been as successful with my admits if I had not worked with Janelle and Veritas - they were able to make my candidacy package much stronger than I believed possible. After our allotted hours had been used, Janelle stayed in touch - genuinely cared about my success.

Kellogg and Anderson admits.
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