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This review is for: Marvel Admissions Comprehensive Package | Consultant: Jenny Lin

Jenny has helped me tremendously, not only in the application process, but also in building my confidence.

After the initial consultation, I knew she would really push and help me get into business school. First off, she really listened to my goals and helped me identify programs and schools that matched my end goal. Additionally, she was very thorough in reviewing my application and helped me strengthen my weaknesses by helping me find an extracurricular activity that would set me apart from other applicants.

Jenny set deadlines for us and always made sure we stuck to the deadlines. She was always so knowledgeable and made me feel that no question was a dumb question to ask when it came to the application process. MBA applications are really nerve wrecking and she made it easier for me to navigate through the whole process. Her responses and reviews were always timely and insightful and you can really tell she has a lot of experience with this.

When I was granted an interview, Jenny met me in person (we lived close enough for this to happen) so that I could fully prepare for it. After the prep and mock interview I knew she pushed me so that I was 100% prepared for the actual thing.

Even now, after I've been accepted to the school of my choice with a scholarship, she is still answering my questions and helping me along the process. I highly recommend Jenny because with her, it's not just about preparing for the application. It's a whole process of helping you grow and reach your goals!

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Jenny is the bomb! January 03 | 2013
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This review is for: Marvel Admissions Comprehensive Package | Consultant: Jenny Lin

Firstly, I recommend Jenny to future applicants without any reservations.

I would say that my candidacy was quite basket case from the beginning and I really wondered how adcoms would view my profile. From the get-go, Jenny's experience was useful in helping me evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in my profile. I think the key in her ability was the fact that she has worked in an admissions office previously and that she continues to be involved with the admissions process today.

From a service standpoint, Jenny was ultra-flexible with scheduling times to skype. Also, her friendly demeanor does wonders for taking the edge off this stressful process.

Personally, I found the most value in the end game (interviews). I know that right now, getting the elusive interview invite seems like the end-all, but I was shocked by how much more nervous I became after I received the interview invite. This is where Jenny's expertise came in to save the day. Since Jenny is currently an alumni interviewer for a top school, our mock interview session definitely seemed like the real deal. This step in the preparation process instilled confidence in me, which I'm sure was crucial for my real interview.

I can't be happier about my acceptance to a dream MBA program and my decision to take Jenny along for the ride. Thank you Jenny!

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Great, astute consultants! November 27 | 2012
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This review is for: Marvel Admissions Comprehensive Package | Consultant: Jenny Lin

Jenny was an amazing support throughout my application process! She helped me recognize how to tactfully play up my strengths and identify weak areas or gaps in my application that I would not have noticed myself. She also helped me organize my applications into a much more manageable, stress-free process against deadlines.

Jenny goes above and beyond to help applicants achieve their full potential. For instance, when I was selected to compete for a prestigious scholarship at my school, Jenny put in extra time and effort to coaching me at no extra charge. I feel there are few other consultants that would be so personally invested in your success of getting into your MBA program of choice.

I strongly recommend Jenny to any student aspiring to get into a top MBA program.

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Amerasia/Jenny Lin Review February 20 | 2012
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Some, but not all

This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package | Consultant: Jenny Lin

As someone with a less than stellar profile (<3.0 ugpa, <700 GMAT), non-business work experience (Engineering) and looking to attend a top B-school program and career switch into a very competitive field (Investment Banking) I felt that it would be best to get help from a professional in working on my applications. I came across Amerasia from reading Paul Lanzilotti’s prospective student profile reviews on the Admissions Consultants board. I really liked the candid and honest opinions and advice he provided and scheduled an initial consultation with the company. After sending my profile to Adam Hoff he reviewed it and paired me up with Jenny Lin.

I hired Amerasia to work with me on The Consortium base application + individual school essays for 2 schools. Because of my work with Amerasia, I was able to put together great applications; I was admitted to one of the schools with scholarship consideration (an Elite level program) and was waitlisted by the other (another extremely competitive school) though I plan on sending updates and may still gain admittance there as well. Working with Jenny not only resulted in strong applications for the two schools we worked on together, it also helped me develop a foundation to build off of in my other applications which were also quite strong.

Working with Jenny was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. She did a great job of helping me frame my story and really showing me how to get my point across in my essays in a very clear and concise manner all while writing in my own voice. She also showed me how to highlight the strengths in my profile and align my goals with the strengths of the schools I was applying to. She was awesome in helping me during my interview prep working very thoroughly with me through the interview questions and candidly telling me the places where I needed work and how to best phrase my responses. This prep gave me great confidence going into my interviews and I was well prepared to give my responses.

Amerasia, and Jenny especially, more than exceeded my expectations. I was expecting for someone to simply edit my essays and perform some surface level preparation on my applications, but Jenny was right there with me throughout every phase of the application process. I had been researching schools for months before I even began working with Amerasia, yet Jenny gave me some great advice on how to deeper research these schools and how to properly reach out to and interact with various school members(current students, Adcom, professors, etc.) She even recommended some other schools whose strengths aligned with my goals that I had previously overlooked, and even put me in touch with some people she knew at schools I was applying to, and they ended up being great resources for me.

The greatest value of working with Jenny though, goes well beyond just helping me with my application. The B-school application process is an arduous one and can sometimes be a very introspective and emotional time, it was for me at least. Jenny was great at helping me curb my emotions and keep things in perspective. It meant so much to have someone in my corner who believed in me even at times when I didn’t believe in myself.

I definitely recommend Amerasia to anyone looking to apply to B-school. It is such an involved process and having someone who knows the ins and outs of it all can significantly help your chances. Jenny did such a great job of helping me put together a great application, and I’m not sure what they are paying her at Amerasia, but I know they need to give her a raise, she’s worth her weight in gold! lol I know that I was able to produce much more competitive and overall impressive applications because of my work with Amerasia.

I have read a lot about some admissions consultants actually writing essays for their clients, and I would like to say that Amerasia does not in any way conduct business like this. Amerasia has a very involved system of learning about their clients’ profiles, strengths, and goals and they do a great job of using this knowledge to best help their clients. In my work with Amerasia, all of my essays were written in my own voice and with my own ideas.

I am choosing to not submit this review anonymously because I would like to help any GMAT Club member who would like to know more about my experience working with Jenny and Amerasia. Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.

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