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GMAT Course Review
Great Results from Manhattan GMAT Live Online July 14 | 2014
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This review is for: Manhattan Prep GMAT MGMAT Live Online | Location: Online | Consultant: Joseph Martin

I took the Manhattan GMAT Live Online 9-session course and was extremely satisfied with the results--a nearly 200 point improvement from my diagnostic score. I have a full-time job and live in an area not very close to an in-person Manhattan GMAT course, so the live online course was a great option for me and fit well into my schedule. I also found that no quality was lost in taking the course online (rather than in-person). The instruction quality was great, the instructors were engaging and required participation, we were able to ask questions in real time, and practiced getting in an answer in the right time frame. The only improvements I can think of for the course would be a bit more time focused on strategic and effective guessing (when necessary) and the Integrated Reasoning section. But overall, I thought the course was excellent and highly recommend!

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GMAT Course Review
Manhattan GMAT Course June 22 | 2012
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     By bbig11 4 5

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The 9 week class is a very very good class. It is a great way to get started studying. You cover all of the basics and really entrench yourself in the studying process. The structure provided by the class set me up to continue studying for the test 5+ weeks after the class ended as you get in the happen of studying a certain amount everyday/several times a week.

One thing I will say is that when I did take the 2 free GMAT prep tests and then the actual GMAT (in addition to the 6 Manhattan practices), I did notice a pretty big difference between the two (Manhattan vs. Gmat prep).

Manhattan Quant is much more difficult and calculation driven than Gmat prep and actual gmat. This is a good thing. If you can get to a point where you are doing well on your manhattan quant sections, you will be fine on the gmat, because I found it much theory based (number properties etc.) than the manhattan tests.

On the Manhattan Verbals, I was having no problems at all (44-45s on all practices) as I got into Gmat prep and the actual gmat, my verbal score dropped 2-4 points. I'm not sure of the reason why. I did notice that some of the critical reasoning questions are structured differently in the GMAT prep/GMAT tests than in Manhattan. I think that the Manhattan tests were much more blatant about what kind of CR question you were tackling.

Ultimately between my first Manhattan practice and my last GMAT prep practice i had a 140 point difference. On test day, I screwed up verbal and ended up with a 80 point improvement.

manhattan 1: 630
manhattan 2: 690
manhattan 3: 750 (don't have breakouts now, but was getting significantly higher on verbal than math on all of these tests. Got 2 45V and 1 44).
manhattan 4: 700
manhattan 5: 720
manhattan 6: 740
gmat prep 1: 720
gmat prep 2: 750 (50Q, 42V)
Actual Gmat: 710 (46Q, 40V)
*Update Gmat 2: 730 (46Q, 44V)

(i have the breakouts of the other tests at home and can update them later)

Overall, I think Manhattan is a great course and will prepare you for the gmat, specifically the quant section.

Update: I retook the GMAT a month later and improved my verbal 4 points to get the 730 i was looking for.

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GMAT Course Review
If you put in effort, Manhattan GMAT will pay off BIG TIME. June 21 | 2012
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Manhattan GMAT is not for the faint of heart. The syllabus reads like a text book, as do the actual guides. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, and do the assigned homework consistently, this course will pay off big time.

Beyond the quality of the content and materials, my instructor was very easy going and actually found a way to make a 3-hour, after-work course fun and interesting. Instead of focusing on tips and tricks, he taught us the underlying math and verbal concepts, which, paired with hundreds of Official Guide practice problems and drill sets, made taking the actual exam feel easy.

Manhattan GMAT also provides some amazing online tools, the best of which is OG Archer. The tool allows you to input your answers from Official Guide problems, and then see your aggregated progress and performance, broken down by problem type and subject area. This tool made it easy to stay on top of the homework and see progress throughout the course. During self-review in the last few weeks before the actual exam, the OG Archer reports were critical to reviewing only what I needed to. Also, the free one-on-one session was helpful in overcoming some difficult concepts.

Manhattan GMAT is not the easiest course, nor is it the cheapest. But if you are looking to break 700 or even 750, and are willing to put in the hard work and time, this is the course for you.

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GMAT Course Review
Manhattan GMAT is great May 14 | 2012 3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
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In researching GMAT courses to take, I read many reviews and talked to a few people. Most people said Manhattan GMAT was the best, and the reviews were certainly excellent. I signed up, hoping it was worth the price.

It was. MGMAT's 9-week live course isn't cheap, but it is excellent. I highly recommend it if you are serious about getting a top score (I got a 740). The written strategy guides are good, the OG Archer is a must-have resource (the other online resources are pretty good, too), and my instructor was excellent. He was funny, enthusiastic, very smart, and very able to break down complex problems into bite sized chunks.

Ultimately, your score really depends on the work you put into studying for the test. With discipline, focus, and a few months of your life dedicated to studying, you can do very well on the GMAT. But having a top notch instructor and a solid curriculum really help too. If you're serious about getting an excellent score, I highly recommend Manhattan GMAT.

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