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I had a great experience with ARINGO and here is my MBA admission consultant testimonial…

When coming to choose my admission consultant I only had price in mind.
I had a feeling all consultant use the same people and methods.
From the first conversation with ARINGO, I understood how wrong I was. Unlike other consultants who told me how great I was and how I should maximize my application (and pay them for many schools), ARINGO's strategy was different. The CEO spoke to me very honestly and to the point not trying to push anything. She spoke to me about my weaknesses (yes, a male software engineer with 640 in the GMAT and no managerial experience is a weakness that needs addressing !!!) and about my chances at each of the schools I mentioned.

At the first stage, my entire profile was sent to a 4-person strategy team. I got a lot of feedback regarding how to show my past experiences and future career goals. This helped me focus on what the general message I am trying to convey is. My consultant (Joy) was amazing!!! She is a very experienced consultant and in a short time my application was ready. Well, that is what I thought  but ARINGO have two more verification processes before submission which involve alumni from each school going over my entire application. I did a few interview preparation sessions with Shimri and Shay and had a great interviewer who understood my story and my potential.

ARINGO's statistics just got better with another LBS proud student!
Way to go ARINGO! And thanks

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This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Joy Pincus

Overall, i was happy with the services i got. I got a reasonable discount the first time around which is what encouraged me to sign with Aringo. Most of the work done involved polishing existing stories so that they become business school ready.

I didn't take any school package, primarily because I couldn't afford them. I'm not a native English speaker, which is why I think I needed an admissions consulting service. I decided to go with Joy Pincus as my consultant and was satisfied with the decision in the end.

Well organized.
Excellent time-keeping.
Value for Money.
Access to many additional resources like, documents, samples, essays, deadlines etc.
3rd person review of essays and online forms for free.

Will be expensive if you don't know what you're doing.
Skype sessions are a big no, if on a budget.
Discount only applies once.
Hard to choose the right consultant due to many options.

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