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     By dshultz 0 0
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Consultant: Margaret

Approaching the business school application process was nerve-racking and, to be completely honest, really scary for me. Working with Margaret at Stacy Blackman Consulting completely changed all of this. Margaret helped me through every aspect of the application, and with her help, I was admitted to my top choice school, HBS! The value she brought to me was tremendous, and I would describe it in the following three ways.

One, she understands how to communicate. Her background in broadcasting and publishing makes her, literally, a professional at crafting a compelling story. She helped me identify what was truly unique about me and communicate it in the most effective way.

Two, she kept it authentic. Margaret provided me with a wealth of ideas, perspectives, and guidance, but all of the tough decisions I made in my application were completely my own. That was so important when it came time to the admissions interview – how could I have backed up the stories in my application if they weren’t my own?

Three, she runs a tight ship. Not only did she turn around feedback within 12 hours, but she kept me accountable to my own deadlines. Margaret is extremely professional and at the same time likes to joke and have fun.

I really enjoyed working with her, and know for a fact I would not have gotten into my top choice school if it weren’t for her help. I am grateful to Margaret, and would 100% recommend her to a friend or family member.

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Totally worth it!
February 08 | 2016
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     By happycorgi617 4 6
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Consultant: Margaret

I was initially unsure if working with any admissions consultant would be worth the price but I'm so glad that I took a chance with SBC!
I first applied to business schools two years ago and got dinged or waitlisted at every school. This time around, I worked with Margaret to really hone my essays and polish my application. Nothing else in my application changed- same job, same extracurriculars, same recommenders and I even had a LOWER GMAT score than the first time around (first score expired). I ended up getting into 3 of the 4 schools I applied to, with fantastic scholarship offers at all of them!
Margaret was fantastic to work with, very professional and super responsive. I only signed up for a 5 hour package but Margaret was very efficient and respectful of the time (I think I got closer to 6-8 hours of help). I was an English major in college and would consider myself to be a fairly good writer so I was really on the fence about whether it was worth getting a consultant to help me with my essays. Margaret knew exactly what each school was looking for and really helped me tailor my essays appropriately, in ways that I had never considered on my own. Even if I could have gotten in, I am sure that I never would have been offered the scholarships without Margaret’s expertise. Highly recommended!

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My experience with SBC
February 03 | 2016
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     By tonyko 18 16
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I'm writing to tell you guys about how SBC helped me out - I m a successful reapplicant and will be starting my MBA at CBS in August.

Profile: male, 28, finance (m&a, pe, public equities buy-side), international, very few extracurricular activities ("MBAable type", the ones that can be easily transformed in a story)
Post-MBA goals: investment management (focus on value)
Applications prior to SBC engagement: 2nd round to CBS, Booth, Wharton
Results: 0 interview invites

I applied hastily in early January with a GMAT score of 720 (47/41) (and without a recommendation from my current employer). No one wanted to talk to me.

I realized that I needed help, and started looking for consultants. After a few test intervies, I chose SBC, 4 school pack (CBS, Wharton, Booth, MIT).

We almost immediately started working with Margaret on the basics. I retook GMAT and got 730 (49/41). And this time I asked my employer for a recommendation.

This time I was ready: I applied in the 1st round to CBS (ED, had to think hard between CBS and Booth for my top choice), Booth, Wharton, and MIT. I received 3 invites out of 4 (Wharton dinged me again), did 2 interviews (Booth and CBS), was admitted to CBS, and withdrew other apps.

I'm pretty sure the results I got were possible thanks to direct contribution of Margaret, and I'm super grateful for that! Enjoyed the process a lot! I encourage you to ask your consultant lots of questions - especially if you are not sure you are going the right way with your story - this will only benefit you as an applicant!

Hope this helps you choose your consultant wisely!

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Great Experience
February 03 | 2016
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     By Anonymous 0 0
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I worked with Margaret on my top choice (Columbia) and, not only did I get in, I couldn't be happier with her service! I had one issue which I considered to be a major weakness of my application. Margaret immediately focused in on how we could address that weakness, while leaving the actual path up to me which ensured authenticity. She was also effective in keeping me engaged in the application process long before the apps were due which resulted in a more well-rounded resume, valuable school visits, and deeper essays. Finally, she reassured me of my initial school choices based on my personal criteria as I started to become indecisive closer to the decision.

In summary, if you think you can identify and turn any weaknesses into strengths, stay laser focused on all aspects of the application for the better part of a year, and remain unfailingly confident then don't use a business school consultant. Otherwise, use Margaret.

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February 02 | 2016
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     By Anonymous 0
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As a R1 applicant gunning for some of the top schools, Margaret + the Stacy Blackman team were absolutely crucial throughout my entire application process.

Margaret helped me prioritize early on in the spring, so that I could knock out things like short-answer/fill-in-the-blank questions and polish up my resume before schools officially released their essay questions. When it came to essay writing, Margaret helped me bring out the best in my essay without ever losing my distinct voice. I was amazed when I compared my first drafts with my final versions - she truly has a sharp eye for how to polish any essay and bring out your unique voice on paper. Margaret was also super responsive throughout the entire process, responding at all hours of the day on weekdays and weekends.

After I received an interview with HBS, Margaret set me up with Paul (another Stacy Blackman consultant whom I would highly recommend) - I truly believe he made the difference in my interview with HBS. He provided invaluable advice on how to differentiate myself and effectively convey what I could offer to the school during my interview. For those skeptical, he has decades of interview experience for top schools like Stanford GSB.

I ended up getting into HBS and Wharton (with scholarship), and would highly recommend SBC!

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Stacy Blackman Review
February 18 | 2014
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     By Anonymous 4 0
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Yes - school of my dreams

I am an international applicant, an older candidate and a re-applicant. Though I had a decent academic profile and GMAT score, I was unable to secure admission in my initial attempts. I was desperate and had decided that this was going to be my last attempt at Full time programs.
I decided to look for a consultant, and decipher what it was I was doing wrong. After contacting a few firms, I liked SB for their prompt and detailed response. I also had a talk with Margaret, who was my primary consultant, and felt happy to work with her. She is encouraging and straight-forward. I also liked the fact that SB and Margaret have been working in this field for a number of years, so there was some history there. I had a clear idea of the schools that I wanted to apply to, in light of my interests and age and we started from there.
I had some basic ideas for the essays which we used, but our discussions really helped emphasize the human side of my stories. We also worked on my resume, and I think we went up to 8 or 9 drafts, before it got b-school ready. All of this was really helpful, because I was able to portray a complete picture of myself.
Working with her also ensured that I was completing everything way before the deadlines. This gave me sufficient time for school research and filling out the actual electronic application, things I had neglected previously. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of my applications, and was also quite prepared for my school visits and interviews.
Of the 4 schools I applied to, I got into 2, including my top choice. I will be joining an M7 program this year, and am very happy with the outcome.
Ultimately, a consultant cannot help you gain experience. You have to do it yourself, and depending upon your candidate profile, be realistic about where you should apply. But if you have done that properly, Margaret and SB can definitely ensure that your candidacy is highlighted in the best possible manner and make sure that all parts of your application package are perfectly developed so that your application is in the best shape it can be. My only regret, I should have worked with them earlier.

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Waste of Money
June 11 | 2013
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     By Anonymous 42 7
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I think this was the biggest waste of my money. My consultant did not even remember what she spoke with me during our first meeting. After discussing the the schools we were going to apply to which suited my profile, she came back and gave me a totally different story on how i should apply to lower ranked schools. All this was very funny to me as prior to paying the fee I was given a totally different story on how my profile was great for a top 10 school and have a great chance of getting in however later I was given an entirely different picture.

Though my consultant was good and had some decent points it was nothing what one cannot do by himself. i would strongly recommend to work harder yourself and talk to students directly to make your application strong. This was the biggest waste of my money and how I regret it.

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