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Excellent Consulting Services
June 07 | 2012

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       By Lujie21 joined: November 18, 2011 | 0 | |
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  ** Junior Deluxe   Consultant:  Neel Shah
Out of 5 schools, I got 3 admissions. Without Admissionado's (formerly Precision Essay) help, I don't think it can happen.

My deadline is very tight, Admissionado's team is very professional. The speed of their review is very fast. Sometimes Neel who is my consultant replied my email immediately if he is online. He gave me a lot of good ideas and insight of how to make my story stand out.

I searched for a long time to find the suitable consultant. I am so glad that I chose Admissionado. Their service exceeds my exceptions. I don't have experience work with other agent, so I don't whether others also provide such a professional service or not.

Due to my tight, I only purchase one Junior Deluxe package. Later I edited these essays for other four schools. It turns out well. Out of 5 school, 4 schools sent me interview invitation.

My GPA is extremely low. only 2.2 GMAT is only 710.
And I got admission from top 20 US schools and other top business school in Asia.

The only things that I was a bit upset about are few editing mistakes. Instead of " 1.5 years working in ABC company" they edit it as " 2 years ". I don't know why this kind of mistake happened. But I was the one need to put to blame too. As I only realized it when I sent out the essay.

Neel is surely a good admission consultant who I will recommend to others.
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PE (Admissionado) = A+ team
March 07 | 2012

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       By Anonymous joined: April 13, 2011 | 9 | |
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Some, but not all
This review is for:  ** Junior Deluxe   Consultant:  Neel Shah
The only regret that I have after my experience with Admissionado (formerly Precision Essay) is that I wish that I started working with them earlier in the process.

There are few things that I wanted as badly as admittance to an M7 bschool and originally I was hesitant to rely on anyone other than myself. I am still waiting for decisions, but am confident that Admissionado added tremendous value. They helped me shape my profile, crystallize my goals, and polish my essays. They made the process seamless and as absurd as it sounds, educational. I did a lot of soul-searching, was pushed to think critically and dig deeper, leading to a more genuine and “cleaner” app.

Here’s how we did it:

• They care: My “counselor”, Neel, has been more of a mentor to me than an essay reader. He is sympathetic, knowledgeable, and actually cares about my application. Our first call, which was supposed to be a half-hour info session, lasted closer to an hour. Throughout the whole process I felt as though he is working exclusively with me and that he is personally invested in my success.

• Strategic: We created a roadmap for my candidacy, stuck to it and saw it all the way through. The message that I wanted to convey to the AdCom resonates through all of the essays.

• Demanding: I wanted to craft meaningful, sincere and logical essays. With a constant stream of questions Neel helped me accomplish exactly that.

• Response time: I was traveling in Europe and Asia close to the deadlines; often with limited access to the internet. Quick turnaround wasn’t enough – I needed to receive responses at specific times. Neel could have simply got back to me whenever he pleased, but he did much more than that. He responded at specific times, often close to midnight his time, saving me days and enabling me to complete that extra draft.

• Perceptive + preserve your personality. Neel and the team at Admissionado understand people well. They know how to accentuate strengths and address weaknesses effectively. Pretty much everyone in the adcom consulting industry makes this claim, but these guys really get it done well and they do it while maintaining your ideas and your personal voice. I was concerned that my essays would be pushed through some consulting blackbox and have a manufactured/tell-tale feel of dozens other applicants. None of that happened. I can attest to the fact that nothing was written for me and that my personality, tone, and attitude were preserved.

Regardless of the results I am happy with the process. I am glad that I had a chance to work with and learn from Neel / the team at Admissionado and am confident that I submitted a competitive app.
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