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Ron, a veteran MGMAT instructor and curriculum developer, is known for his keen insights into all aspects of test-taking, from the objective to the psychological. He has taught for two decades, including six years (and counting) with MGMAT.

Ron is an inveterate strategist who looks for "hacks" in every aspect of life. Whether it's cracking standardized tests, charting optimal routes through California's infamous traffic, finding and negotiating bargains, or tweaking his own diet and sleep patterns -- if there's a problem (yo), he'll solve it. In his first teaching job -- teaching the SAT to his own high-school classmates -- Ron discovered a uniquely intense love for propagating ideas and strategies. That passion has shaped a teaching career covering a uniquely wide variety of subjects, from calculus and medicinal chemistry to writing and even human nutrition. Ron has taught in high school and college classrooms, coached elite youth sprinters on the track and in the weight room, and changed the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of his students. Ron enjoys reading, classical music, electronica, intense workouts, road trips, amateur fashion design, outlet and thrift-store shopping, 110-degree heat, and, most of all, building a life with his wife, muse, and kindred spirit, Sarah.


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GMAT Course Review
Ron Purewal- GMAT Yoda!!
June 20 | 2016
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Ron Purewal of Manhattan GMAT is the only verbal and Quant instructor who can make the learning of both sections pretty easy. I had to put a lot of work just to understand the GMAT exam I never had a great standardized candidates. Nine-week course that is very helpful. I found the lesson to learn exactly how the test should be approached helpful. Teachers to concentrate on strategy, not content. I insist syllabus close to all, but a class session. Even nine weeks, I have not, after my practice GMAT scores improve, in fact, my best was to take the exam before my course.

After the end of the course, my coach and my willingness to continue to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses. I have proven the point where I feel comfortable about 10 weeks after the exam gradual improvement. I scored my best practice test above 50 points.

Everyone learns different, so I can not speak for other people, but the GMAT certainly need time to gradually adapt. I learned in class is good because it forces me to keep up with homework. If you are in the process of investment use, you will follow the rich syllabus and practice practice practice questions!

Finally, do not panic, IR MPrep the problem if you do not get good grades. They are ridiculous effort to do my practice test is to get a 3, I actually got to test 7. I did not review one week IR until the official tests.

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GMAT Course Review
MGMAT Review (Q49/V40/IR8)
October 23 | 2014
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I studied the GMAT starting in Feb/March; enrolled in the course starting in April and finished in June. Took the GMAT once in August after 1.5 months of intense self-studying and improvement. I didn't do as well on the CATs through MGMAT but I was within 10 points. I took a class because I just needed a routine schedule to get into the mode of studying while at work and I also like being able to contact an instructor for any questions. Ron was pretty laid back although he had some quirks about him. But the material was pretty useful. I found that the examples used in class weren't as hard as ones in the practice CATs. I am an engineer so i thought the MGMAT math wasn't so bad but I found MGMAT's math CATs to be harder than what they made you practice during the course. When I took the actual GMAT, I thought the math was extremely easy, so I guess its good to have a training course thats harder than the actual test. On the other hand, I did pretty well on Verbal portion of MGMAT's practice CATs, but I found the actual GMAT to be much harder, in both SC and CR, so that was a throw-off and I didn't get as good of score as I was getting on my practice tests. Lastly, the IR section was insanely easy on the real GMAT compared to the MGMAT practice IR. Markedly large difference. All in all, my score is pretty good and much better than when I started studying in the beginning so using the MGMAT materials definitely boosted my score and understanding of the test.

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GMAT Course Review
MGMAT rocks
April 02 | 2012
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I am very very happy with what MGMAT offers. I just got a 710
and I am satisfied with my score.

My fundamentals were strengthened after taking Ron Purewal's 9 week training, and I then went from 640 to 710 because of
1. the advanced DS + advanced SC workshops from Daniel Patinkin and Emily Sledge,
2. Ron's "Thu with Ron" which they give away for free !!

My confidence got a real boost after the advanced workshops because they teach you how to tackle hard problems and that makes the 600 level questions look easy.

MGMAT offers a complete package and I never looked at any other material - the strategy guides are excellent for strengthening your fundamentals, the instructors are top class, and the customer service is awesome. They really take care of students. I am also glad I got two 180 day extensions for online resources. I took the training months before and wasn't able to take the test immediately, so I had to delay taking the test and those extensions were very valuable.

Trust me ... If you really want to crack that 700 barrier you have to go with MGMAT.

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