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Hourly services with Samantha Merton - Definitely recommend
March 17 | 2015

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
This review is for:  Hourly Services   Consultant:  Samantha Merton
I initially called several consulting companies and the reason I chose Stratus Prep over the other companies was because of my phone call with Shawn. Shawn was very pleasant to speak with, did not try to get me to aim lower for any of my schools, and overall made me a lot more optimistic about my chances.

After deciding on Stratus Prep I was paired up with Samantha Merton. I worked with Samantha on an hourly basis for two of my schools (Wharton & Fuqua). I was primarily concerned with essay analysis and review.

Samantha originally scheduled some time to get to know me as well as my story. For the essays she was very open to my suggestions (sending her a high overview of what I wanted to talk about vs drafts) and steered my essays into the right direction. I can't say if I would have gotten into both schools without her assistance but I can say with 100% confidence that the quality of my essays were much better thanks to her. Samantha also found areas in my essays that did not seem to make sense to an outsider and made sure that I elaborated and clarified where needed. In the end I was accepted into both Wharton with $ and Fuqua with $$$.

Samantha made the entire process much more relaxing and her turnaround time for every single email was less than 24 hours (I would say less than 1 hour to be honest...) so I knew that I was always in good hands.

I highly recommend working with Samantha!
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Incredible experience
May 08 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  
This review is for:  MBA Admissions Counseling Packages   Consultant:  Samantha Merton
I'm going to be honest here. I was really wary of using admissions consultants at the beginning of the process. I had a pretty strong profile, for top 5-10 schools, but knew I would be a bit of a stretch at top 3. (Female, 3 years consulting experience at a reputable firm, 680 GMAT, 3.7 GPA).

Once I decided that it was a worthwhile investment, I was the girl who did my fair share of due diligence. I'm pretty sure I interviewed every major firm out there, and came armed with a thousand questions. I decided to work with Stratus Prep because I really liked their super indepth process. My initial meeting was with Shawn, their ceo who made me feel really confident about my chances at Stanford, which was my dream school. With their help, I was able to get into Stanford, Kellogg, and Booth.

I would definitely recommend working Samantha, my counselor. She was an excellent guide, and also a great friend when I got really stressed out a couple of times throughout the process. Her responsiveness to emails, thoughtful ideas, attentiveness to details in my many essay reviews, and confidence in me as an applicant made a huge difference, and I am really thankful for my experience with her, and the whole team.
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Got into MIT!!
April 08 | 2013

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - got into all
This review is for:  MBA Admissions Counseling Packages   Consultant:  Samantha Merton
I only used Stratus Prep to get into MIT and I am happy to share that I was able to get in with their help!

I worked with Shawn and Samantha from Status Prep. They would say that they are very professional people. At any point they didn’t let me feel that I am taking too much of their time. We worked on our goal together.

Initially, I felt like their process is too long and too much information is required, but later I realized it was really worth it. It helped me in putting my application in the right direction and making sure that I didn’t leave any important point to mention in my application.

Shawn’s input at each and every step of the application was very helpful. Samantha’s turnaround time was very quick. In fact, she had to wait many times for information from me. She made sure each and every line in my application is presented in a right way.

I am really grateful to them for their help and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get into top business school!!
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Kellogg acceptance with Stratus Prep help!
August 08 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  MBA Admissions Counseling Packages   Consultant:  Samantha Merton
Stratus Prep was an outstanding consulting company to work with, and while realistic, my consultant never made me feel I had to give up on my goal of going to a top b-school.

My background is in education and teaching and I want to transition into charter school management. I went to an ivy league undergrad and was a student-athlete...I also did Teach for America post college.

I can't tell you how glad I am that I worked with Stratus Prep. I knew people who worked with bschool consultants before, and I was skeptical and uncertain about the costs like most ended up being the best decision I could have made and definitely a huge part of the reason I got
into Kellogg.

The consultant I worked with, Samantha, was very meticulous, incredibly knowledgeable, and always accessible. I started working with Stratus Prep in November (for January due dates); Samantha was really great about responding quickly especially with the time crunch. I really liked the collaboration between my consultant and Shawn (the founder) who was very involved in every step of the application process. Shawn is really smart and knew how to leverage my TFA experience as well as stuff I would never have known or thought to write about (such as:
my thesis for my masters in education, an independent study project I did in undergrad, working through an eating disorder, traveling to India for a summer etc.). Because I was so preoccupied with studying for the GMAT, I assumed that since I was a pretty good writer, the essays would be no big
deal. If I had done it on my own, I don't think I would have made myself very well-rounded because I would have probably written a lot more about teaching, which Shawn heavily advised me not to do. I also didn't realize how valuable some of the other stuff I had done was.

Before you begin your essays, Stratus Prep makes you do these outline exercises where you brainstorm all your leadership positions, character traits, learning experiences etc. which I found very worthwhile.

In the end, I was invited to interview at every school I applied to (Duke, Michigan, Columbia, and Kellogg- interviews everyone) with the exception of Yale, which I found surprising. I got into both Kellogg and Duke. I am absolutely humbled, honored, and excited to go to Kellogg this fall .This has been said before and it is necessary to say again, the GMAT does not mean everything and a huge amount of focus must be on your essays. If you want to go to a top MBA program, regardless of your profile, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable I think you will find working with Stratus Prep on every part of your apps (essays, resumes, recs, and interviews).
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