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Thanks for all of your help!
June 28 | 2013

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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Steven Jupiter
As an English major who hadn't done math since high school, I am very grateful for Manhattan GMAT's clear instructional style and their breakdown of basic math concepts. The books and syllabus were an excellent complement to the in-class instruction. The extended syllabus's easier and harder options helped me to find additional practice for the areas that I needed. I also found the online labs very helpful for picking up on little tips and tricks. I really enjoyed the class and will definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you so much Manhattan GMAT for helping me get that magical 7 in front of my score!
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Solid instruction and great materials
October 15 | 2012

       By alphacat joined: June 16, 2012 | 0 | | native speaker
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I took this class in the spring at their flagship location. My goal with taking the course was to structure my studying and break it up into manageable parts rather than going it alone and not having a sense of what I needed to cover and stagnating.

My effort in studying for the GMAT consisted of two parts. The first, where I attended all 9 sessions and completed all basic and advanced homework. And the second, the end of the course and month afterwards before the exam, where I did additional studying using the Official Guide and Manhattan GMAT practice exams.

In the first segment, I think the course was really key for me in the way I mentioned above - it provided the structure to get me through all the material and broke my studying down into pieces.


-The 9 live classes: For me, this was necessary to move myself along the process.

The instruction was helpful - Steven taught both Manhattan GMAT methods as well as personal tips and insights. The instruction on Quant was very helpful. On Verbal, I found the MGMAT methodologies less useful and I think Steven did as well because he didn't strongly recommend that we use them and his deviation from some of the materials was actually very helpful. I appreciated this flexibility. All in all, I felt, throughout the whole process, that my instructor was an expert and knew the material backwards and forwards.

The materials provided - the subject area books are great - they provide both depth and breadth and achieve the right level of detail and complexity. They served really well as the place to 'learn' the material. Later, when practicing and reinforcing, I primarily used the Official Guide, coming back to the subject area books as needed.

In the second part of my studying, towards the end of the classes and afterwards, I really focused on practicing problems and taking exams. For this, I found the Manhattan GMAT practice exams and the ability to go to their center to take them, especially crucial. For several weeks, I would go to the center every Saturday and take a full exam. Not only are MGMAT's exams very good quality, simulating the actual test day experience is key and was one of the main value adds of the course to me.

If I have any criticisms of the course, I would say that for me personally, I probably could have use a more custom experience. Although historically a stronger quantitative test taker, for the GMAT I found that I put 95% of my effort into Quant and that Verbal came easier. As a result, I probably would have benefited from a Quant focused course. I think that a lot of native/fluent English speakers find themselves in this situation and as such, I think Manhattan GMAT would do well by creating this kind of class. I also found the Quant section on their practice exams to be a little bit too difficult, and not in a way that was beneficial. The practice exams you get from the actual GMAC are more representative.

Overall, however, I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would definitely a. do it the same way if i had to do it again and b. recommend Manhattan GMAT to others. I have not taken any other company's courses but based on what I've heard, I feel comfortable saying this is one of, if not the, best prep companies out there.
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A serious course that's worth the cash
September 05 | 2012

       By carholland joined: August 29, 2012 | 0 | | native speaker
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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Steven Jupiter
I was not excited about ponying up the cash but I am so glad I did. I was dragging my feet on the GMAT and this course a) got my butt in gear, b) made me familiar with each topic, c) broke down the importance of each area and d) made me familiar with test taking strategies. I took the class with Steven Jupiter who was fantastic and very no-nonsense (good approach to have for the GMAT!).

Steven was good for both topics but my main weakness was in verbal (Reading comp and critical reasoning) and he totally nailed it for me. I don’t know how else to explain it except that I went to his class, did some practice sets, and that was that.

Regarding Manhattan GMAT in general: I appreciated that they had simulated testing rooms, too, and a seemingly unlimited amount of resources. My only advice would be to grab the "road to the GMAT" at the very beginning of the course - it can assist in providing study tips. Again, can't say how much this was worth it - I went from a 680 to 750.

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Great Instructor, Lots of Homework, The studying is still in your hands
July 09 | 2012

       By burgundy2015 joined: June 28, 2012 | 119 | 28 | native speaker
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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Steven Jupiter
I chose Manhattan prep because I read very positive reviews on their prep books and I knew I wanted hands-on instruction and a structured course to force me to study (I'm a pro at procrastination). I started studying before the beginning of my course, just reading through a GMAT official guide coursebook. I took the pre-first class practice test and got a 590. My goal is to attend a top 10 school, so I knew I had a long way to go.

Throughout the course I did all of the prescribed prep work. They estimate it will take about 15 hours (outside of the three hour class) per week. I think it could be a little less than that but... I definitely dedicated one entire weekend day to studying and a few hours a few days a week to studying. I took another practice test during the course resulting in a 50 pt rise. My final GMAT score (which I took a week and a half after my final class) was 150pts higher than my initial test.

When I did contact my instructor outside of class, he responded very quickly. He was always willing to chat after class about test strategy or specific questions. Manhattan GMAT is very attentive to its students- a service that is reflected in the high price. It is very easy to reschedule a course if you need to miss.

Both Quant and Verbal review were incredibly helpful. I think the Quant instruction in the classroom is invaluable- multiple ways to solve the problems + how to NOT solve the problems + how to guess the answer if you can't figure it out? This incredibly thorough type of instruction is SO worth the money. Also, there is a wealth of information and a wealth of extra practice material on the website. The CAT tests are awesome, too.

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