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I truly believe I should be the MGMAT spokesperson
October 18 | 2012

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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Tommy Wallach
I've been struggling with the GMAT since I started in 2007. I took Kaplan paid over $5000, got a private tutor and did the whole course. The result on the official test was a 480 in 2008. Discouraged I gave up trying to take the GMAT. I hated the damn thing.

But about 1.5 years later I realized I needed to ask the GMAT out on another date. So I signed up for MGMAT. Again same story my diagnostic showed me scoring around 490, so I was kind of hoping for a miracle from my instructor and course. I worked really hard, did everything I could possibly do to get my goal of 660 or higher. I finally take the test and this time score lower than my first test, receiving a score of 470.

Now you can imagine how I felt. I just wasn't good at the GMAT. So discouraged again I contemplated giving up on going to business school. A month later without studying I took a practice cat exam at got a 530. So I'm thinking to myself, okay maybe their is hope. This motivates me to retake MGMAT, but this time online from 9:30-11:30. I work really hard and on my 5th session I'm like what the heck I got $250 to blow let me take the GMAT. So the weekend before Fourth of July, I take the test and get a 570. I'm like wow, I'm amazing.

So I finish the remaining of my course and decide in a few months I might try to retake it again or just apply to a dungeon business school. I continue to work hard and start reviewing my material over and over again. I decide that my score wasn't good enough to go to a top business school, so i promised my self i would take GMAT one last time. I schedule my test for sept 29th, which gave me a month to tweak my skills. I take practice test after practice test and I'm no where I need to be. I can't even break 600. The last practice GMAT prep test I take gets me a score of 530. This is one week going into the exam. But I told myself I worked too hard to not break a 660. So the day of my test, I tell myself to put it all on the line. I take the quant and it’s very difficult, I'm like great here comes another 500. I take the verbal and I feel better. Than it comes down to accepting my score. I hit yes and than the score appears. The score was kind of blurry because I had tears in my eyes. Here I am a grown adult tearing on my score. I got a 680, with a 50 on my quant. I'm like are u kidding me. I still feel like my official score will come back and say “sorry we made a mistake". It's just a relief to have closure. The scary part is I got in the 64% in verbal, a few more questions correct on that section I could of broken 700.

I promise I'm not thinking of taking the test again. But I can tell you with experience if I can go from a 470- 680, than anyone can be taught the GMAT. The structure that MGMAT has is not like no other. Everything you need to obtain a 800 is in the MGMAT curriculum. From the CAT Tests, detailed workbooks and forums, MGMAT does wonders. It just requires sacrifice and dedication.

If anyone needs any guidance please contact me, I want to pay it forward to anyone that wants hope. I'm sure some of you might think that my story is impossible. I'm just like you guys, seeing is believing. So i've attached a picture of my latest score report. Again, i'm more than happy to help anyone.

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Great Prep Program
June 03 | 2012

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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Midtown Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Tommy Wallach
Manhattan GMAT is incredibly thorough and covers everything you'll need to improve your score on the GMAT. I took it once and exceeded my original goal score by 20 points. The books are well written and the classes are well taught and incredibly well structured.

I opted to take a prep course because I wanted the structure to study every day and know how to get the most out of my study time. There were activities for every single day of the nine-week course. You have to commit.

I recommend this course to anyone who is willing to put in the time and who really wants to do well.
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An Organization That Cares About
April 10 | 2012

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This review is for:  Manhattan GMAT 9-Session Prep Course | Location:  New York (Manhattan), USA | Taught by:  Tommy Wallach
Manhattan GMAT is really a first-class organization from top to bottom. A little bit about my history with the organization and then some of the highlights: I took a course back in summer of 2011 and took the GMAT once after the course and got a 660. I was disappointed in the result, but decided to step away and return to the GMAT in early 2012, when I signed up for a discounted 9-week course as a second-time student. Took the test 4 days ago and got a 740. Needless to say, I am pleased with the outcome.

A few highlights about the organization:

* Customer Service is Incredible: Every time I call this Company, someone very nice answers and helps me through whatever issue I have. I've almost never experienced such consistency with another Company.

* Online Platform: The whole OG Archer online question bank, Eluminate platform, and general "onlinenness" of the business is first-rate. I loved doing questions on the Archer so I could track progress and time, and I utilized a lot of the Thursdays with Ron.

* Charismatic and Nice Teachers: Really sets them apart, the fact that they screen teachers so heavily to get ones that are charismatic, that are smart, that are genuinely nice, and that really care how you do.

* Plethora of Prep Programs outside of the 9-week Course: I took advantage of everything I could. Thursdays with Ron. The Quest for 750 Workshops. I thought the fact that I had all of this at my fingertips was great, and as a 9-week student I got discounts.

* Overall Just Caring How You Do: I felt like the "discounted" nature of my second course showed they cared about MY outcome. They cared what I got. Plus, they have so many 1-on-1 assessments to really prep you for test day.

Overall, I am glad I never have to take the GMAT again (it's been a long 4 months), but if I had to do it all over again there is no doubt I would use Manhattan GMAT. I have already referred multiple friends. Hope this Helps and Good Luck!
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