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This review is for: Kaplan GMAT Prep - In Person
Taught by: Murl Smith

I recommend everyone to use Kaplan if you're weaker on Verbal. the Quant section simply isn't as difficult as some of the most difficult questions you would get in the 750 range. That said, I supplemented my Kaplan materials with Manhattan math materials and scored 740. I took my class in my office with Murl on the weekends and thought he was very engaging. He took the time to grade our essays as well as provide individual attending when we needed it. I also recommend the practice tests with Kaplan - it allows you to schedule to take them IN-PERSON AT THE TEST CENTER. So while everyone was taking their real test, I got to take my practice tests there twice. This helped to take my nerves off of test day because the testing conditions weren't completely foreign.

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