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Good course but not for those aiming over 690
April 29 | 2013

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       By Anonymous joined: March 18, 2012 | 48 | 25 | non-native speaker
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This review is for:  Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring | Location:   London, United Kingdom | Taught by:  Marianna Parker
Overall you get what you expect from Kaplan. They know what they are doing when it comes to tutoring and their online facility is excellent. Generally Kaplan is very professional and very quick and flexible. The staff understand that most of us have very busy schedules and try to make it as easy as possible.

However, the issue I had with them was the fact that the course was a bit unstructured. My instructor was brilliant but at times I would ask her why are we got answer "A" and the answer would be "it is my GMAT instinct"; of course we would sit down and try and find a proof of the concept, but I just felt that for the amount of money I was paying a more structured syllabus would have been great.

My tutor was a maths guru, however when it came to language she was amazing with CR an RC but on the other hand although she could answer all the SC questions correct, sometimes she couldn't explain why. This would have to do with the fact that she was an american, so the sentences would sound right, but nevertheless i was still left scratching my head.

That being said she made me get my RC and CR scores up, and I was virtually flawless; but then again my main weakness was SC and just ended up using Manhattans SC book.

Overall it is a great tutoring company, but I give them 3 stars as foe the price they charge I expected more.
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Reasonable improvement
March 02 | 2014

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       By Anonymous joined: October 21, 2013 | 363 | 190 | non-native speaker
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This review is for:  Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring | Location:   London, United Kingdom |
I took the package with the live class, online class and private tuition.

Good thing about Kaplan is if we sign up the private tuition package, we can attend live classes and live online classes as many times as we want to.
It also includes the recorded classes, online Quiz Banks and 9 CATs. We can reset CATs once and still get higher score guarantee offer. (50 point)

My overall review to the Kaplan course is the quality of live class depends on the tutor. They have excellent tutor when I attended (maybe still there).
He has 800score and what he taught us was phenomenal. Luckily, my tutor was him and my basic concept of GMAT developed from his approach to GMAT.

In terms of my GMAT score, it did improved, but not as much as I expected. I found the Kaplan SC and RC questions are not exactly same style as the actual GMAT. If I knew about it, I would have improved more.
I hope this review helps your choice for the Prep-school.

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