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Kaplan GMAT review
July 29 | 2015

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       By harshbinani1 joined: November 27, 2013 | 0 | 0 | non-native speaker
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This review is for:  Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced PLUS | Location:   Online
Hi - I found the GMAT course offered by Kaplan to be comphrehensive however I think they are overpriced.

The practice exams are not reflective of the actual difficulty level in GMAT exams and I would recommend Manhattan exams over Kaplan

Having said that the course material offered by them is great and covers all aspects very well. The online self study options are also well worked and the tutors I worked with were very helpful and reached out to me on a regular basis to check how I was doing.

Overall I had a great experience with the course offering except the practice exams.
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