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This fast-paced course brings high-scoring students together to focus on the most advanced content. It’s specially designed for strong test takers who want an extra edge. For students who want complete prep in a concentrated amount of time. Nine in-person classroom sessions paired with extensive out-of-class instructional resources and practice. Special Promo Code on the Kaplan Advanced Course is available

It worked!
February 10 | 2012

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       By Anonymous joined: November 2, 2010 | 86 | 2 | non-native speaker
Improvement: 50 Points |  Verbal:        |  Quant:      
The instructor was highly knowledgeable and attentive. Kaplan also offers a free retake if you're not happy with your score. Besides the face-to-face instruction, the most valuable part of the course was CATs that looked like the real test. Highly recommend the Advanced Class.
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Prep courses- my personal experience
December 29 | 2011

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       By mim3 joined: July 21, 2008 | 9 | 2 | native speaker
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This review is for:  Kaplan GMAT Advanced Course | Location:  San Francisco, CA USA |
Just wanted to share a quick story about my experience with test prep courses. I started studying for the GMAT about a year ago and enrolled in Manhattan GMAT a few months into the studying. I thought that the course was helpful in teaching the math concepts, but did little to really help with the actual test taking strategy. I took the test feeling mildly prepared and got a 640. I was beyond disappointed. I gave it another shot about a month later, thinking that the results of the first test could be attributed more to nerves than to ability, and got a 680. An improvement, but not the score I was looking for.

After being waitlisted at my top choice, I revisited the test one final time. I'm someone who needs a bit more direction and structure with studying, and I wanted to make sure I gave the test my best shot, so I enrolled in Kaplan advanced. From the beginning, the course keyed in on not only the test content, but also the strategies (mostly for quant). I already had a solid knowledge base from prior studying, but the Kaplan course was just what I needed to take it to the next level. I was testing in the mid 700's on their practice exams and ended up with a 740 (48Q/42V) on the real thing. I was beyond thrilled.

I post this to tell people that were in my position to consider the Kaplan course. I realize that it's pricey, but I really think it's worth it if you can swing it. It took over a year, but I finally got the score I wanted.
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