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Exxcom Education -- Brisbane, Australia
January 16 | 2012

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Date of your test:  31 Dec 2010   Appointment time:  morning
The reviewer would recommend this test center to others:  Highly Recommend   Location:   Adelaide, Australia
Parking facility : Nope, its in the middle of CBD. Take a train. The station is just a 5 min walk.
Invigilator Reviews : Mixed. There were two ladies there. The first one was a little mean. And she gave me one of those sheets to work on and one non working pen. So while I was writing my AWA I had to go out to get another one (my time was still running). And once my quant started I couldn't be bothered going out and looking for her so I just kept erasing on my own. then while I was 3/4ths into the quant section another guy came in to write the test and the really nice lady came in. She gave me like 7 sheets. Which were enough.
Environment : Alright. The keyboards are VERY noisy. And there are people writing all sorts of tests there. So people come and go. But it wasn't too noisy.

Having said this, I don't think I was heavily disadvantaged. I got a 730 (Q49, V41). I might've done slightly better on the quant had I not spent so much time erasing. But I think its a decent reflection of my abilities so I don't have much to complain about.

For anyone who takes a test there. My friend took the GMAT 7 days before me and was given extra sheets by the nice invigilator. I suggest you ask for extra sheets early on.
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