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Great Experience !!!
August 14 | 2015

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GMAT Score : 730, Credits goes to Jamboree (Ahmedabad). It turned out to be the perfect place for me to start my preparation. The sincerity and dedication of their amazing faculty completely won me over. The personal attention, critical feedback after every test & flexible access to faculty for doubt clearing sessions is exactly what I needed and what I found here at Jamboree. They even provided guidance and assistance in developing a customized preparation plan for me, specific to my academic level which was crucial to me. Apart from faculty, the administrative team too , was more than supporting , all along the process. I am grateful to Jamboree for my 730 and for the future I am going to make with it. My sincerest recommendation to all GMAT aspirants out there, is to go with Jamboree. I am sure it will be a great experience for you too !!
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1 Commented by narendran1990 on October 21, 2015
Hi there, So i gave my GMAT recently and got a disappointing score. Thinking of taking jamboree services in ahmedabad. What was the course duration & how soon were you able to give the exam after the end of course.? I took courses of magoosh & kaplan and both didn't seem to be a good fit for me. Hence i am thinking of taking personalized help. Regards, Narendran.
2 Commented by ssx on October 23, 2015
Course duration was approx 1 month...i think. correct details should be available on their website. In my case, I was able to give GMAT 2 months after my course completed. for this, you should judge your level first. I have seen people needing more time after course completion, as well. depending on the amount of advanced practice required, you should adjust your exam date. jamboree can help in providing the advanced practice as well. you will get all the personalized help you need.
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