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GMAT Course Review
Great Help
March 05 | 2015
     By carbola 4 0
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Taught by: Brandon Pierpont

I signed up for Veritas with some hesitation due to the cost. However, it was well worth it. I expressed my concerns and areas where I would like to improve and that is where we spent the effort to improve. Very directed towards what you want to improve and what you need to study.

I knew I needed to get to a 700 from a 630. Veritas helped me achieve that goal, or at least get close to it (690 because of my own nervousness). I would gladly do it again if I had to. Brandon is also relaxed and easy to learn from. He breaks away from the slides if he knows a better way to do something which is valuable.

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GMAT Course Review
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

Amazing teacher and love the class. Very good ideas provided by Ravi.The class was 3 hours long but it didn't feel that way.Ravi engaged you throughout the class.

Big question bank provided by Veritas Prep. Verbal material should have been written better.

The material will able to ease you with GMAT topics. I am fan of on demand lesson provided with full course. You can review on demand lesson before class and in class you will be better prepared and able to understand the questions more in depth.
Veritas has also started adding videos of question being explained. I wish they had more of those videos because it is much better than taking time to read over and over again to understand a problem. Both Ravi and Brian do a great job with videos.

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