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Very satisfied
February 04 | 2014

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This review is for:   Optimus Prep Private Tutoring | Location:   Berlin, Germany  |
I found Optimus Prep because some friends had taken the GMAT before and almost all had to take it at least twice, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for it the first time.

They were really helpful from the beginning, even while talking about what I needed/expected. I wasn't totally sure what to expect because I had never scheduled private tutoring outside of a university before. But as soon as I started the lessons it was fine! They helped make studying and preparing for the test interesting like it wouldn't have been by myself, not to mention a lot more productive. They explained to me what kind of things were often on the test, exactly how the structure is, and some strategies for managing the time (that was what I was most worried about). You could tell they had a lot of experience and were really familiar with the test. They knew where most people had trouble and helped make sure I was focusing on important parts, which helped me study better even in my own time. I also got lots of notes and material to use after the lessons were done, as well as homework to do.

My target score was at least around 650, and with their help I got even above that! I didn't even have to take it twice. Now I'm in the process applying for universities and I'm proud of my GMAT score, instead of worried that it's not good enough.
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