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GMAT Course Review
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I signed up for MGMAT’s private tutoring services after failing 10-20 point short of breaking the 700 mark. Since I have gone through most of the materials and tests myself and consider myself pretty well-versed at them, I was looking for guidance more on my approach and mindset than the actual content.

On our first session, Sarah stated a very important point that shifted my mindset. She mentioned that GMAT emphasizes on one’s decision making skills as much as it does an individual’s knowledge on the materials. GMAT is a test against perfectionist; to do well on the test, one has to be able to give up questions, the same way a good executive decline projects with only average return, and make educated guess, as what business owners do daily. This has a profound impact on my approach to the test – instead of thinking giving up/ guessing questions as a last resort, I now think of that as one of my testing strategies to preserve my mental energy for other questions.

Another great point that Sarah made was on my problem solving approach in quant. She mentioned GMAT wants us to simplify problems and to break them down, not to make things bigger. Therefore, think factorization, not multiplication. This single twist in my approach has helped me in numerous questions, especially in DS.

On top of that, Sarah taught me some techniques on making an educated guess. And it is also helpful to go through my approach on each question with her, so that she she can pinpoint any concept mistakes or point out ways to fine tune my approach.

Overall, I believe working with Sarah is significant in raising my score through the 700 mark. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking into GMAT private tutoring.

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1 Commented by samie0302 on March 08, 2016
Hi Kchung3, thank you for the helpful review! could you describe the course structure & materials a bit more? Thank you!
GMAT Course Review
Best Tutor, Best Course!
May 08 | 2015
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Location: Hong Kong, China
Taught by: David Newland

I had online lessons (approx. 1.5 hours each session, twice a week) with David Newland, via Veritas Prep Private GMAT Tutoring Online, over a period of four months. I was hovering around 690-710 in my practice tests, and ended up scoring a 730 on test day.

The course was very convenient and flexible, and David was always accommodating in scheduling lessons. Before I signed up, I was hesitant about online classes, and the concept of having a faceless tutor. However, it turned out to be the best arrangement possible since I could have my lessons at night, in my PJs, in the comfort of my own room.

David Newland is an absolutely amazing tutor. He manages to make lessons fun, and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I actually looked forward to each of our lessons together. David was with me every step of the way--he even gave me a pep talk the night before test day, and was answering all my panicky last minute questions via email up till the moment I walked into the test center.

I couldn't have achieved my 730 without David Newland, and the Veritas online prep course. Thank you again David!!!

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