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I would prefer to drive 100 miles than to give my test at this center
November 11 | 2012

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Date of your test:  24 Oct 2012   Appointment time:  morning
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I had my exam couple of days ago. I am residing in the US but belongs to India. As per the rules of GMAT,you have to have your passport book. Unfortunately, my passport book was with IRS for tax purpose, but I was having a stanped letter from the IRS stating that my passport is with them. Also I had couple of government issued ID proofs. The receptionist at the center told me that I cannot give the exam, and I asked her if she can check with somebody on the same. She called somebody and just told her that she has some letter stating her passport is not with her. I requested her to check with that person once again since she did not mentioned that it is with IRS(govn. office), she responded back to me saying "Don't you understand English?"

I was not allowed to give the exam, even if she had allowed me, I would not have performed well because lady just spoiled my mood. I scheduled my exam again after a week, but this time not at Jacksonville center, but at Gainesville center(100 miles from my home :) ). I loved the center, everyone at the center was warm welcoming, and that really matters on the exam date. I got score above my expectations.
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