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Manhattan GMAT provides students with the skills and strategies essential for success. There are higher standards for what defines a competitive GMAT score today. We have no magic formula, no silver bullet, no empty guarantees. Instead, we have three basic principles that separate us from other test prep: the best teachers, the most advanced learning approach, and a focus solely placed on the GMAT. Save $250-350 on Manhattan GMAT courses with GMAT Club

GMAT Course Review
Ron Purewal- GMAT Yoda!!
June 20 | 2016
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Ron Purewal of Manhattan GMAT is the only verbal and Quant instructor who can make the learning of both sections pretty easy. I had to put a lot of work just to understand the GMAT exam I never had a great standardized candidates. Nine-week course that is very helpful. I found the lesson to learn exactly how the test should be approached helpful. Teachers to concentrate on strategy, not content. I insist syllabus close to all, but a class session. Even nine weeks, I have not, after my practice GMAT scores improve, in fact, my best was to take the exam before my course.

After the end of the course, my coach and my willingness to continue to work together to identify strengths and weaknesses. I have proven the point where I feel comfortable about 10 weeks after the exam gradual improvement. I scored my best practice test above 50 points.

Everyone learns different, so I can not speak for other people, but the GMAT certainly need time to gradually adapt. I learned in class is good because it forces me to keep up with homework. If you are in the process of investment use, you will follow the rich syllabus and practice practice practice questions!

Finally, do not panic, IR MPrep the problem if you do not get good grades. They are ridiculous effort to do my practice test is to get a 3, I actually got to test 7. I did not review one week IR until the official tests.

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GMAT Course Review
Not Impressed
August 13 | 2012
     By Anonymous 5 8
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Overall, I was not impressed with the "in-person" course. Would have preferred to simply buy the materials and study on my own. Instructor gave majority of focus to quant. This was my weaker subject so I preferred this imbalance. However, his quant focus began at a high level and was often difficult to follow. He showed "his" methods which were very interested and "speedy" but were difficult to apply to many problems aside from the examples used in class. He was VERY smart, though.

Very disappointed with the course. Obviously I would not recommend it. I wish that the course had been more helpful. The course skipped so many fundamentals and focused on problem specific tactics that I did not find it very beneficial on test day. I really benefited form the text materials and from the practice tests that MGMAT has online. I spent approx 15 hrs per week studying.

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