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Manhattan GMAT provides students with the skills and strategies essential for success. There are higher standards for what defines a competitive GMAT score today. We have no magic formula, no silver bullet, no empty guarantees. Instead, we have three basic principles that separate us from other test prep: the best teachers, the most advanced learning approach, and a focus solely placed on the GMAT. Save $250-350 on Manhattan GMAT courses with GMAT Club

GMAT Course Review
A rewarding course!
January 12 | 2013
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     By 54siwei 0 0

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I like the course overall. The class was fun and engaging. As an ESL learner, I especially like MGMAT's SC book and the FOGV book. I like the way they teach Quant, but I do think it takes extra practice besides attending the course to ace the GMAT.

Additionally, I like MGMAT's student service. They are quick in response and helpful in terms of tailoring the course (time/location/make-up) and providing information that could be helpful not only to the GMAT but to the whole MBA application.

Finally, I scored 510(with 0 preps)for the first mock test, and three months later in a real test I scored 690, and another month later I concluded my journey of GMAT with a 740. I hope that is an encouragement to people who are on their way of beating the GMAT— don't give up, and you will get there!

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GMAT Course Review
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     By MH2016 3 0
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I signed up for the 9 week group classes and had a great experience. Mark was both knowledgeable and cared about our personal success taking the GMAT. I cannot speak to how Manhattan compares to other programs as it's the only one I've done, but the 9 week program includes a lot of "bonus" resources that I found essential when prepping for my test.

The sheer number of people that use Manhattan means they have a huge pool of data with which to generate learnings and for you to compare yourself to in your practice exams. This means their grading is more accurate which then helps you figure out where you should be focusing your study time.

After you complete the course Manhattan provides an hour long one on one session with one of their counselors to identify your weak points (based on your practice tests) and create a study plan for you based on your test date. I found this to be a big time saver when I was studying as I could drive home the sections I needed help with. After your first exam, if you plan to retake the test, Manhattan also includes a follow up one on one to figure out what went wrong (or right) and how you can improve your score. This last session proved crucial as I was able to improve my score from a 660 to a target 700.

Overall I would highly recommend Manhattan prep's 9 week course. The money I spent was well worth the score I got and the weekly meetings helped me stay on track when studying. The content is thorough and from what I hear, it's the best of all the prep programs. Good luck!

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GMAT Course Review
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     By patilvrishali101 15 3
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The Instructor was not good at all for this class. I wish i would have opted for other course. I dont recomment Manhattan prep either. All they teach you in 9 classes are the questions fr4om the OG only, lIke 4 /5 OG questions in 3 hr session. I wasted my $1500. The Quant section was somewhat good but the verbal is very bad. I knew more things than him i think. By self studying you can get more knowledge than the 9 classes combined. Very bad. Also you have to take their books, there is no option of not taking their books even if you have those already. The books for verbal section are very bad.

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