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Manhattan GMAT provides students with the skills and strategies essential for success. There are higher standards for what defines a competitive GMAT score today. We have no magic formula, no silver bullet, no empty guarantees. Instead, we have three basic principles that separate us from other test prep: the best teachers, the most advanced learning approach, and a focus solely placed on the GMAT. Save $250-350 on Manhattan GMAT courses with GMAT Club

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Based on my experience, Manhattan course is the best GMAT prep course out there. Before I started the Manhattan course, I was using Veritas Prep on demand and did not see huge improvement in my practice test scores.

I enrolled in the Manhattan GMAT 9 week prep course and I am finishing my preparation to enroll in the exam.

I attended all the classes and felt that they were a great supplement to my studying. I cannot recommend Manhattan Prep and instructor Ryan Starr enough. Ryan Starr is a fantastic teacher who genuinely cares about his students' performance. Ryan’s tricks and words of encouragement were incredibly helpful in improving my score.

In addition, the website is amazing - "homework help" hours, the on demand prep, the evaluation of the preparation – its making a huge difference.

I believe that the approach to learning that Manhattan Prep has created is what truly makes the course successful.

I can only think of good things to say about the company and the employees of Manhattan.

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GMAT Course Review
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I completed the ManhattanGMAT program in London. After taking test classes with both Kaplan and ManhattanGMAT, I would MGMAT to have not only better educated and more engaging instructors, but also a more serious and advanced group of other students. The classroom courses were a good mix of lecture and examples and - at three hours - passed quite quickly. The online materials, particularly the practice tests, were incredibly valuable, as were the books that you received on each individual topic covered in the tests. After a couple additional months of study following the course, I scored above my target score on the first time taking the test, thanks in large part to the quality of the manhattan GMAT program. I would highly recommend it.

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