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Manhattan GMAT provides students with the skills and strategies essential for success. There are higher standards for what defines a competitive GMAT score today. We have no magic formula, no silver bullet, no empty guarantees. Instead, we have three basic principles that separate us from other test prep: the best teachers, the most advanced learning approach, and a focus solely placed on the GMAT. Save $250-350 on Manhattan GMAT courses with GMAT Club

GMAT Course Review
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     By udvranto 131 80
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I took the Fall 2011 nine week MGMAT class in Evanston, IL. A room booked in the Hotel Orrignton, Evanston, IL was used for the class. Our tutor was Viren Tellis, a Kellogg JD-MBA student. He was smart, with a good sense of humor.

Who am I?
I am a mechanical engineer, working in the software development area in an US company. I have a Masters from an US university. I obtained 550 in my first GMAT and currently preparing for my second GMAT. Although I believe the review has nothing to do with my score, I wanted to disclose my score before you spend your time reading the review.

I choose the MGMAT because all the online review for the MGMAT courses and books were excellent!

When I went to take the sample Kaplan course, I was informed that shooting for 700 is not necessary! Be practical and shoot for 650+. On the contrary MGMAT did not limit the target, rather focused on content. The feedback I got from GMAT Club forum resonated with my findings.

Although I did not research much about Veritas, I felt two study sessions per week would be too much for me. I prefer studying on my own rather than sitting in a classroom.

How did the course go?
Once the class started, it went fast! I was having hard time to keep up with the home work. There was a scheduling conflict for room and we got an one week of break. I was able to finish all the homework up to that point and started working on the foundation of verbal book. When the course ended, I had about 90% content covered.

We were instructed to take an exam three weeks after the course. I did so. But I took a different route during my practice after the course. The rest is history.


How was the Instructor?
The instructor Viren Tellis was energetic, smart and funny. He would not move on to the next topic until everyone in the class understood it. He used make funny mnemonics to help us remember rules, tricks etc.

What did I like about MGMAT?
+ Content based learning

+ Access to great books, both online and offline, online video labs, online recordings of class

+ Access to online tools: OG Archer, Online Exam and assessment, question bank, forum, online classroom, weekly half hour of personalized phone help

+ Great tutors: covers a good amount of material and questions in class

+ Post exam evaluation was very good to identify my problems and get going accordingly

What could be improved?
Although I listed a ton of issues, these are just suggestions for improvement. If I researched correctly, the MGMAT content, tools and methods are superior than any other test company out there. I would strongly recommend MGMAT to the future GMAT test takers.

- MGMAT says that the course requires about 15 hours of reading every week. I spent about 20 hrs/week, but had hard time finishing it. Specially if you are working full time, it is more so.

I was creating notes during my reading, slowing me down. However, I would argue that note taking is good for you.

One class was rescheduled due to the availability of the room. This provided a great break to catch up with the home work. I wish there were one more break! This kind of break should be included in the course.

- The course is not tailored to fit a particular need. I am pretty solid at Math. But I was just sitting there doing the simple drills that did not help me much.

To solve the problem MGMAT can introduce three variants of the course: a) Math Emphasized b) Verbal Emphasized c) Same weight on both (i.e. current offering). A pre-assessment can be done online to categorize and suggest the student with better offering customized for him/her.

- The CAT assessment could be enhanced by using the graphical tool available for OG Archer. The textual representation is hard to read and categorize.

The article on practice test evaluation points out five areas to focus on during the analysis.
I. 50+%, Correct timing
II. 50-%, Correct timing
III. 50-%, Fast
IV. 50+%, Slow
V. 50-%, Slow

These areas can be presented in a graph as shown below:

It would be helpful to have the OG Archer like graphical representation for the practice tests.


- The OG Archer graphical tool is great but not available for OG 11, OG 10 etc.

Moreover, the OG archer does not show the difficulty level on the chart. It would be better if the Y-axis showed the difficulty from 200 to 800 and the size of the bubble as the %right.

- No audio material is available. This could be helpful for commuters.

- The online interface is not very user friendly. It took me a lot of time to get used to it.

Any other advice for prospective students?
- Do you research. Take the sample classes offered by different companies. Read reviews. Seek for help in GMAT Club. Find out what’s best for you before you decide.

- Take notes and do it with your own hand. The notes created by other people don’t help you much. Notes that you wrote yourself recalls the memory much better than any other notes.

- If you choose MGMAT, make room for at least 20 hrs of time per week for the home work.

- Finish the foundation book(s) BEFORE the courses begin. You won’t have time to read it during the course. If your foundation is not brushed up, the course content will be a waste.

- Take the time to familiarize yourself with the online resources. They have great resources but poorly organized.

- Replace the CR book with the PowerScore CR bible. Although the MGMAT CR book is good, PowerScore CR is much better. Please note that the course is synchronized with the book so it may cause a bit of disorientation. Rest of the materials are of excellent quality.

- Do not look for any other materials/books out there. I have tried plenty. Stick to MGMAT, stick to OG and you will be almost there.

- Use the half an hour phone session offered every week. I did not use it much. But realized it could be helpful.

Good luck!

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GMAT Course Review
     By Anonymous 0 0



I took the 9-week course a couple of months ago with Keith Blume, who is a fantastic instructor. The class sessions provided helpful, structured exposure to material that I hadn't seen in years, enabling me to then study effectively and efficiently on my own. The most important part of preparing for the GMAT is the effort you put into studying on your own time, and I found that the MGMAT classes were indispensable to my ability to study well for the GMAT.

In addition to the actual class sessions, MGMAT also provides a number of excellent study materials such as strategy guides and online resources. One of the online resources that I found to be especially useful is a platform into which you can enter your timed answers to Official Guide problems to track your progress. The platform then generates statistics that pinpoint the subject areas and question types you need to focus on most in terms of both accuracy and timing.

I'm very satisfied with the experience I had with Manhattan GMAT and I would recommend the course to anyone who's serious about improving his or her GMAT score. Even if you're already scoring well, MGMAT can help you do better - I took the actual GMAT last week and scored a 790 (51Q, 51V).

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GMAT Course Review
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     By katey 0 0

100 Points


If you are a beginner in quant like I was, go for Manhattan GMAT - their strategy books are hugely helpful and give you a roadmap to learn what you need to knew. The online CAT assessments helped me identify my target areas. When I had a case of text anxiety and didn't do as well on my first exam, they did a one hour session with me to reset my study plan for the next exam. This really helped me zone in on why I didn't perform as well as I expected to on test day. They recommended I start taking tests in less comfortable atmospheres since test day would be a new environment and it really worked! I was very happy with my final score - 690 - which was my target score.

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GMAT Course Review
9 Session Prep course
January 24 | 2012
     By Anonymous 0 5



The 9 session prep course is a very useful course if you are a person who needs a class atmosphere to study and need a robust study plan. The instructor i have is really knowledgeable. He move at a pace in which everyone can understand and tries to make the class interesting. You are free to ask any kind of questions and the best part is that if you answer right he will really appreciate you but even if you give the most wrong answer possible he will still find a way to appreciate you. More than that their 8 guide are really informative especially the Number properties, word problems and Sentence correction guides. You also get to pick one insider information of the college you wish to apply. They also have a post test review to see how well you performed and if you are happy with it. One the whole its the best class and worth every buck.

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