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mbaMission believes in its package approach; this flat-fee option gives you unlimited brainstorming assistance, ongoing feedback and advice and as many revisions to your essays, resume and other elements of your application as you feel you need to craft the most successful application possible. Here we outline our Complete “Start-to-Finish" package—a comprehensive process that has proven to yield results.

The Business of Sex
April 03 | 2014
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Yes - school of my dreams

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Consultant: Angela Guido

I’m a porn star. Well, technically an adult fetish model, producer, and community leader. But to anyone reading an application or resume, I’m a porn star. By day I also run my own small business in education, but it’s my other “adult” interests that were obviously my biggest concern, and obstacle in applying to business school.

Before starting the application process, I made the decision that I was going to choose to be “out” during the entire process. I didn’t want to lie to get in, and I didn’t want to live a lie at school, in constant fear of being discovered-- especially when the thing I was hiding was something I’m actually quite proud of. So I decided I was going to need help, and was hoping to find someone brave enough and bold enough to take me on as a client.

I started my journey with MBA mission through the free consultation. I chose Susan, and sent in my stats and resume, and crossed my fingers. Susan smartly decided to send my information to a few other consultants to get their opinions and insights to better help her with our first conversation. And it was at that time that Angela responded by saying essentially, “this girl seems awesome, and if she wants to hire us, I want to work with her!”

When Susan told me that another consultant had said that, I was thrilled. I felt so confident and hopeful knowing that the person I was going to be working with was not only not going to judge me and the choices I’ve made, but also was going to work hard to champion me, and was as motivated as I was to help me succeed and reach my full potential. She knew what she was up against, and she wanted the challenge.

I can say with all honesty and complete sincerity that if it weren’t for Angela, I would not have gotten in to any business school most likely, let alone my top choice (a top 15 program) with a prestigious fellowship, and a full ride to my third choice school. She was there for me during the entire process in ways that really exceeded her job description. From working holidays and extra “hand holding,” to a face to face conversation in a coffee shop about my future that I’m rather certain changed my life, Angela was there for me, pushing me to be and to do better.

Brilliantly, Angela made me take the GMAT. I had a strong score on the GRE, and had intended on simply using that score. But Angela thought it was important that I didn’t give anyone any reason to doubt my abilities, and she felt confident that I would do well on the test. So with some prodding, and some guidance on prep, I took the test, and scored a 750, which I know lent credibility to my overall application and allowed me to put my best foot forward. I didn’t want to take the test, but listening to her on that was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Angela also worked exceptionally hard to help me write my optional essay. We decided early on that that would be the place I explained my life—who I am and the choices that I’ve made. It was always a big ask. I needed to strike the perfect tone; the just right balance of being proud but not defensive, and understanding but not apologetic. We did over a dozen drafts of that essay, and Angela sent versions around to other consultants, getting second, third, and fourth opinions from people who didn’t know me as well to make sure that we hit that tone. In the end, those 250 words are some of the best “I’ve” ever written.

Personally, Angela is one of my favorite people ever. She’s witty and smart, passionate and opinionated, and she’s fun to talk to and be around. She worked hard for me and made me want to work harder for her. She believed in me when not very many people would have, and was prouder when I got in than just about anyone else.

I’m beyond thankful to have gone on this journey with Angela, and wouldn’t want to have done it with anyone else. Together what we achieved is pretty close to miraculous, and at the end of it, I’m thrilled to have worked with someone who I now like to consider a friend.

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Some, but not all

This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages

Thought I would briefly share my consultant experience with the GC community:
• Last year I applied to only 1 school (outside of top 30). My stats were: 3.3 GPA/650 GMAT/4Yrs WE/Extensive EC. Result: Dinged w/o interview
• This year, I raised my GMAT to 700 and got a consultant through MBAmission. Result: Admitted to 4/8 Top-15 programs (possibly 5 depending on how the Wharton WL goes)
• My thoughts on why my consultant helped so much:
1. She knew where the land mines are in the application
2. Helped me NOT say stupid, arrogant, offensive, or other app-killing things. Believe it or not, this is SO VERY easy to do if you don't have proper guidance
3. Helped my story stand out and not be cliché.
4. Helped me recall stories that I had not even thought of using.
5. Assisted me in framing my stories in a concise and powerful way (She literally showed me how to take a 200 word paragraph and condense that down to about 30 words without losing any of the impact, incredible really).
6. Aided me in tying the entire application together (essays, resume, LOR's)
7. Provided this same kind of feedback to my recommenders (who thankfully took her advice)

Occasionally, the issue of the ethics of using a consultant to aid in the app process emerges. My thought is that if professional writers use professional editors, why would someone applying to b-school, not use the resource of a consultant? Baffling to me why more people don't use them (and why I didn't use one sooner!).
That said, those that are going to invest in a consultant need to know a couple things from the outset:

1. An admissions consultant will help you organize your "raw materials" into something eloquent and grand. However, if you don't have the "raw materials" such as leadership experience, relevant work experience, etc, the best consultant on the planet will not be able to help you get into your schools. If you find yourself in this category, my advice to you would be to postpone b-school apps and go get the leadership/work experience you need instead. Come back and apply when you have the "raw materials". You will be far better off in the long run.

2. DO NOT EXPECT them to do all the work for you. I applied to 8 schools. At an average of 4 essays for each school x on average about 7 drafts per essay = 200+ Drafts by the time everything is said and done. "but why not recycle the same essays for all schools?", you ask. In my opinion, one of the marks of a great consultant is that they perceive the subtle differences in the questions/ school culture and will help you re-frame the same (or different) stories to best answer the question and woo the adcom. If you are cutting and pasting, that is your first red flag. In short, having a consultant to help you will not lighten your work load in the app process, but it WILL make it way more efficient.

As far as recommending a specific company, I really can't comment on anyone other than the company I have used, MBAmission.com. I have been EXTREMELY pleased with their services, results and promptness in responding to all of my inquiries. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about breaking into a top tier school.

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1 Commented by chouzita on February 18, 2015
Thanks for sharing - just curious, you did the full package and paid for 8 separate school applications?
2 Commented by bb on February 18, 2015
FYI - the applicant has not been on the site for a while. However, looking at their profile, it appears they have attended/matriculated and possibly even graduated from Ross. :-)
Every Step of the Way
May 20 | 2016
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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Melissa Blakeslee

I started working with Melissa on a 4-school package but ended up adding a 5th school based on my positive experience with her. From helping me think through what schools I would apply to and encouraging attendance of various MBA info sessions to interview prep and follow-up, she was there every step of the way. I was able to hone my story and get an objective perspective from someone with experience working in b school admissions. I had 7+ years of work experience when I started working with her, so I often had competing ideas for what direction to take my essay responses. She gave pointed feedback on what worked and what didn't, helping me create better and more focused applications in the process.

A sample of some of the other things Melissa helped me with:
-help in turning my resume into something that highlighted results instead of responsibilities
-mock interview prep, particularly in helping me highlight certain areas that may not have come through in my applications. She wasn't just asking sample interview questions. As someone who had become very familiar with my background, strengths, weaknesses, etc., she was able to give great feedback on how I responded.
-set deadlines for me. I am a procrastinator, so Melissa offered to set deadlines. I managed to turn in my applications early, which still amazes me.
-helped me address some of the deficiencies I had in extracurriculars. It's not as though she could have retroactively made me participate in more organizations outside of work, but she helped me think through how I could present my hobbies/interests in a compelling manner.

Overall, I had a great experience working with Melissa that definitely exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help throughout the application process.

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Highly Recommend
May 20 | 2016
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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Helen Summers

Helen Summers is fantastic! Helen encouraged me to dig deep and really pushed me to a level of introspection that I did not think I could ever reach. She helped me recall stories from my childhood that I had forgotten about for over 15 years which really helped me better understand my personal journey and how that journey has molded me into the person I am today and shaped my goals for the future. My first draft of my essays were horrible! Through Helen's support and constructive criticism, I got to a very polished finished product of which I was extremely proud and that was genuine, reflective of my personality, and attention grabbing for admissions officers, resulting in admission into the two schools to which I applied (HBS & Wharton). I highly recommend Helen for helping you dig deep in crafting your story and for helping to keep you organized throughout the stressful process.

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Susan Kaplan

I worked with Susan on a 3 school package for R2 and was admitted to 2 of 3 schools, with a financial award granted at one of the schools. A total shocker and wonderful surprise to receive after 6 months of hard work and grueling hours. All schools in top 5.

Pros of working with Susan:
She's direct and candid. If it sounds like you don't have well-formulated or reasonable career goals, Susan picks up on this immediately and puts the breaks on all other aspects of application prep until this piece makes sense. Career goals are incredibly important to the admissions team, so spending a good amount of time brainstorming this aspect is well worth the time and effort.
Accountability. Simply having someone waiting to receive a revised essay draft is incredibly motivating, and necessary, when completing a long and arduous process like b school applications. Susan keeps you honest - did you sleep through the last revisions? That's a waste of your time and her time. Knowing that Susan is going to review and critique your work during each draft ensures you're putting in the necessary work along the way and not simply cramming at the final hour.
Interview prep. The mock interview sessions with Susan were surprisingly helpful. I assumed I was a well-spoken candidate with little room for improvement here, and while that was generally true, it was very helpful to work through framing answers to tough questions with Susan ("what is your Plan B if your career goals don't pan out?").

Susan took more time than necessary during our calls to introduce the point of the call, often repeating information I already knew about the overall b school application process. It would be helpful if she discussed with her clients how much prep they had completed on their own so less time was used during the short calls to hear repeated information. I work best when being able to formulate my thoughts out loud, but sometimes felt Susan did more of the talking during the calls. Don't be afraid to push back, and you'll have a more productive relationship with Susan. She's open to it, you just need to be comfortable steering the conversation from the get-to to ensure you get what you want out of each call.
School selection discussion. Susan sent me an excel doc where I had the opportunity to list features of a b school program that mattered to me, and give each feature/attribute a ranking. This would in theory help me sort through which programs are a good fit for me. I appreciated the excel doc and understand the school research should be completed by the applicant, but would have appreciated a bit more of an opportunity (separate call(s)) to discuss my thoughts/opinions of each school with Susan. She has a depth and breadth of knowledge and I had a feeling she could have shared more about each school I was considering. Granted, holding back this information is probably in part to ensure the applicant has ownership in the process, but a little more opportunity for discussion would have been helpful in the beginning of the school exploration process.

In summary, I would definitely use Susan again and recommend her to friends. She's open to feedback while working together, truly invested in seeing her clients succeed, diligent in keeping clients on task, an excellent editor, direct, and encouraging. I enjoyed working with her immensely and attribute my acceptances to our hard work together. Thank you, Susan!

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

At the start of the MBA application process I was really worried about my low GPA. I knew I had a story to explain it, but I felt overwhelmed by how I'd present it and how not to have it sound defensive.

I contacted a few admissions consulting services for free consults and found mbamission to be one of the most thorough. For that reason, I decided to work with mbaMission.
I realised that I was not going to apply for MBA schools again, and so went 'all out' and decided to purchase a 4-school package. Retrospectively, it wasnt absolutely necessary, but I wasn't going to leave anything up to chance.

I was paired with Kate, and from the beginning she was detailed in the strategic approach to my story. And that's really the crux of it -- her ability to help you convey your story in the most enthralling, yet accurate way. I do not believe I could have done this without her help! Kate was responsive and provided great commentary to my story and tailored it well for the different essays and schools.

Of the 4-schools, I was admitted into 2 (one with scholarship). These are two top 15 schools for someone with an equivalent US GPA of approx 2.8 -- not bad!

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

My main concern going into the application process was my weak undergraduate GPA. I was referred to MBAmission (and Katy in particular) by a former student of the program that I wanted to apply to - the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. During my initial 30 minute conversation with Katy, she was receptive to my concerns and I felt that she was taking a genuine interest in my story. Speaking with Katy initially was a breath of fresh air and it renewed my sense of confidence in what I wanted to do. After I hung up the phone, I made the decision to move forward with my application despite my concerns. It was a huge benefit having someone with Katy's knowledge and experience on my side and, at the risk of sounding corny, I truly felt like I had a partner on the path to admission.

Katy made sure that I stated my needs up front so that there was no time (or money) wasted in our work together. I made it clear that I wanted her to help me with my essays and resume only and she was totally fine with that. I never once felt like I was getting a sales pitch on additional services or that Katy was pushing for additional time, etc. I've seen some other reviews asserting that this service is only as beneficial as you make it and I'd like to reiterate that point. DO NOT come into this expecting your consultant to do the work for you. They will make suggestions and guide you a long the way, but the work is yours to do.

Once we got started, Katy dug into my history i.e. work experience, reasons for wanting an MBA, etc. She helped me to identify some general themes that centered around my story and that would allow me to best represent myself through my resume and essays. At the conclusion of our time together, I came away with finished essays and a resume that I was really proud of.

I was ultimately accepted into Emory and I truly don't think it would have been possible without having Katy on my side.

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Krista Nannery

I first spoke to Krista Nannery in the summer of 2015 when I was interviewing b-school admission consultants for help during 2015-2016 admission cycle (matriculation in Fall of 2016). Right off the bat, in our first call, I found Krista to be extremely warm and pleasant to talk to. She had so many rich perspectives to offer on the admissions process and quickly honed in on the interesting aspects about my life and started giving me thoughts on how to market myself effectively. Given that I had gone through the admissions process unsuccessfully in the previous year, she even went through my prior applications and pointed out what I did wrong in those applications. After interviewing numerous different firms, I ultimately hired mbaMission and Krista for help with four school applications using the “start-to-finish” package.

Having successfully gone through the process now, I can easily say that hiring Krista is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. While she helped in a variety of ways – the following areas really stood out:

1) She was intimately familiar with the process

Having been part of admissions committees, Krista was intimately familiar with how most admissions committees think and what they like and dislike in applications. This allowed her to astutely point out the flaws in my application that could cause concern for admissions committees, and the strengths of my application that I should make sure to highlight. For the potential gaps in my application, she even gave me advice on steps I could take to remediate those gaps and strengthen my application. Her perspectives here really helped us come up with a strong application strategy and story for the four schools that I ended up applying to

2) She came up with really creative ways for me to tell my story

Through the brainstorming process, Krista took the time to really understand me as a person and get a feel for what my passions are and what makes me tick. She reviewed my 20 page brainstorming document (one of the essential steps of the mbaMission process is a brainstorming process that they make applicants go through) and came back to me with several really detailed questions about my background.
Once I had answered all of her questions, she started coming up with a variety of neat ideas for me to showcase certain aspects of my story. I’m generally not a big fan of writing, but the way Krista helped me showcase my stories actually made the entire process A LOT of fun for me. Thanks to her, I was able to write some of the strongest essays I’ve ever written and ended up truly enjoying the entire application process.

3) She was a true thought partner

Throughout the application process, Krista was a thought partner for me in every sense. Whenever I was spinning on an essay, she would get on the phone with me immediately to give me ideas and quickly get me back on track. I’m not sure whether she was doing a lot of prep before each one of these calls, or if this just comes naturally to her, but on every phone conversation we were having about a certain essay – she had at least 3 – 4 good ideas on what I could mention in that essay to make it impactful and leave a good impression. I was so impressed at the end of each conversation, and so happy with the ideas and the direction I got from her. This kept me from spinning and allowed me to end up with strong essays quickly. The previous year, when I had applied unsuccessfully to schools, I was averaging between 17 to 20 iterations on each essay before getting it to final. Working with Krista this time around, I had a strong essay completely finalized by the 4th iteration at the latest. I have a tendency to overthink things and get in my own way at times, Krista prevented me from doing any of that and kept me efficient and on track at all times.

4) She was timely

I can’t stress this one enough. I was initially a little worried about the fact that Krista was based in London (I’m based in New York), but the time difference here ended up being a true blessing. MbaMission promises a 2-day turnaround on all essays, but most of the time Krista responded ahead of schedule. Generally, I would send her an essay in the evening, and because of the time difference, I would have it back in my inbox with rich feedback by the time I woke up the next morning. I have a really demanding job and it’s hard for me to get away from work during the day sometimes to have personal calls. Because of this time difference, I was able to wake up earlier in the morning some days and have a call with Krista before going into work. This was just yet another benefit that kept me on track and on schedule.

Throughout the process, I felt as though I was Krista’s only client. I consider her to be not only a consultant that I hired, but a mentor and a friend that I will continue to reach out to in the future for advice. I’m happy to say that with her help, I got into several Top 10 schools and will be attending Berkeley-Haas this fall. I highly recommend mbaMission and Krista Nannery for anyone going through the application process.

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

I am an international applicant and decided to work with mbaMission all based on the google research. I was originally looking for someone native and experienced that could help me polish my essays but what happened after was a fantastic and rewarding life experience.
I was matched with Kate Richardson, a very expeirenced associate from mbaMission. She was very nice and patient from our first talk. I felt so comforted that I found someone I could ask for help and expressed my anxiety during the application process. Kate helped me so much on my self-positiong of my choices for schools and gave me helpful advices on my future career planning. Even standing from the point of an international student, I felt Kate very professional handling all the questions, which truly helped me a lot during the application. My application process was not as smooth as I expected and I got waitlisted and rejected from my dreaming schools but Kate was always there helping me analyze and get out of the desperate situation. Finally I got the offers from several schools out of my package. And Kate was very nice to help me list the all the pros and cons and gave me useful advices objectively.
I appreciate her very much for everything she has ever done for me during the process and now I would like to recommend her as the first choice of MBA consulting associate for all the international students.

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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Daniel Richards

I worked with Dan on a 3 school package, two of my schools were a stretch due to my low GMAT score, which made me doubt if i should even apply. I was also nervous about spending a ton of money hiring a consultant only to not get in anywhere. After talking with Dan he pointed out that the rest of my application was strong and to attempt the GRE to see if that would ease my application. We worked through essays interviews and even through the wait list approach when I was wait-listed at my top two schools. I am happy to say that in the end I was accepted to all three programs I applied to and I wouldn't have been if it weren't for Dan's support and advice through this process. My money was well spent! If you have any doubts in your application I would recommend hiring a consultant they help you from start to finish all essays interview prep etc. and more importantly help you find the right way to make your application stand out.

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