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Optimus Prep specializes in arranging and providing private GMAT tutoring to students of all levels around the world. From the very beginning of any course offered by Optimus Prep, the participating student receives individualized attention focusing on the unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs of that student. 

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October 29 | 2014

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       By EricH84 joined: October 27, 2014 | 0 | 0 | non-native speaker
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I wrote to many test preparation companies to find a tutor for my upcoming GMAT test, and Optimus
Prep was the first one that wrote me back. Actually, it took a few days before any of the others
contacted me, so it was easy to decide who to go with. I was already behind on my studying, only 4
weeks left, and I was afraid it was already too late. But Optimus Prep was able to set up tutoring times
with me immediately and they assured me that 4 weeks was plenty of time to get prepared if I
dedicated myself to it. So I took their advice and now I'm feeling very confident. I decided I wanted
more hours for the quant. part and less for the verbal, and they let me arrange my time however I
wanted instead of being stuck with hours for certain topics I didn't need. The tutors followed the same suit, focusing on areas where we identified I was weaker... though we covered everything to make sure.
What more could you ask for but quick and professional and focusing on my needs individually?
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